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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Distracted}

I was helping Boo with a piano lesson, and she plopped down in front of me, cross-legged.  Beamed that magic smile of hers right at me and said, Hi Mommy.  In my experience 17 year olds don't use the term "mommy" often.  I guessed what was coming.  

Surely you know the Hi Mommy I'm referring to.  The one that teenage girls immediately follow with So some friends and me were thinking we'd go over to Cassidy's house tomorrow after school and have a little school's-almost-out-for-summer co-ed party, and I was wondering if I could go?  And by the way, don't you look pretty today, Mommy!  Are those new earrings?  And you and Papa should go out to dinner tonight for some quiet time while I baby sit.  Can I?

She's got it down to an art form, really.

Except there was one flaw in her technique.  A flaw that I really can't fault her for not recognizing.  It's something that only happens when you're a mama.  Not when your a teenager with the world on a string.
So she plopped down in front of me, cross-legged, and beamed that magic smile of hers right at me, and I'll be darned if I heard even one more thing that she said.  Perhaps she said something about a duel major in astrophysics and basket weaving.  Or that she was going to consider being the 5th wife of the dear older man she met that afternoon.  I haven't a clue what she said.  I heard not a word of it.  As she was getting ready to make her request, she gazed downward for just a moment, and those lashes got the better of me.
I was drawn like a moth to the flame.  Distracted from her words, I stared.
Suddenly aware again that our time together is so short now.  That my influence on her is practically nonexistent.  
And that leaves me wondering if I've equipped her with the necessities and told her enough how much I love her and how God loves her even more than that.  Wondering if anything I've said over these 17 1/2 years is powerful enough to overcome peer pressure.  Wanting to save her from all the hard things that life will surely dole out, but knowing that the hardships make life all the sweeter.
Oh, baby girl.  Dance.  Live.  Do the hard stuff.  Serve with all your heart.  Remember where you come from while dreaming of the tomorrows.  Love God.  Cherish those who love you.

And somewhere around the cherish part that was in my thoughts... she asked me if she could go to a co-ed pool party tomorrow after school.  And like I've said so many times, the lashes were intoxicating, so of course I said said yes.  When will you be home?  Who's gonna be there?  Will you leave me Cassidy's mom's phone number so I can give her a quick call.  
Then I grabbed her and my camera and made her sit for a couple pics.
Lest I forget.
I don't ever want to forget.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. I'm pretty certain you will never forget...not even for a second. I wish you nothing but a bunch of nerds sitting around studying by the pool while thinking up ways to save the planet all the while sipping on mineral water at that party. Because surely a girl with that much beauty should only be doing just that.

  2. Oh my goodness. She is so pretty. I love these shots. Love them so much!

    I am glad she has a booming social life : ) Those days were so much fun!

    Also glad she has a mommy like you who sees the beauty : )

  3. They have that effect on us don't they. Those girls....with eyes (and lashes) like that...

    I sometimes too stop in mid thought to relish in their beauty...

    and wonder if they will ever truly know how beautiful they are?

  4. All I got to say is...."Bless your heart." I hope Jesus comes back for the rapture before my girls are teenagers. (nail biter) ;)

    She is such a beauty too btw =]

  5. She is stunningly beautiful!!
    Love this post!!! :)

  6. Just found your blog! Beautiful post! And what gorgeous babies you have! All of them!

    (however this post...just about made me cry!)

  7. whoah. Now I'M distracted!! Tell Sunny she can ask ME for anything :-) I hope your gorgeous girl had a fabulous (& safe!) tim at the pool party! So thankful she wasnt considering being that 5th wife :)

  8. i like the comment "i hope Jesus comes back before my daughters are teenagers." Amen.

    Also, love the texture layer. Where did you find that. I need to steal.

  9. did you intend to make me cry and choke the breath out of me???? cause you did! what a beautiful daughter you have. i'm sending my son of this year and it is bittersweet. I know i shouldn't admit it but i have a feeling i'm gonna have a bit of a double standard on my mommy protectiveness when it comes to my girls. hang in there mama, you've done well!


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