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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sucking the life out of me...

As expected... May is sucking the life out of me.  It's all I can do to pull up my big-girl panties and see that life proceeds somewhat normally for the remainder of the Crazy 8.  Not to mention "me time" or "date night!"  What's that?  I've heard that May is a very close second to the busiest month of the year, December, for the typical American family.  I've always tried to hunker down and get things done in the spring in anticipation of May.  But somehow, the workload of May always takes me by surprise.

I've been trying to write a post re our monthly Picture Perfect contest.   Go take a look by clicking on the blue/flower button over there!  There are about 1 1/2 weeks left to make a submission.  Oh please do!  I could use the distraction from my completely overwhelming schedule.

I've been meaning to write a post about Tess and how she's doing.  I'm still constantly amazed that almost 3 years into being home, she's still changing.  We're still dancing the attachment dance and playing the game.  It's all good.  But... being her mama can be consuming both in thought and deed.

I've been meaning to write a post on Patch and share his little victories.  As a former middle-school teacher, I have a heart for tweenagers... and the squirrellier they are, the more they seem to tug at my heart strings.

I've been meaning to tell you a bit more about my upbringing.  Maybe just get it on paper so the kiddos and grand kiddos and great grand-kiddos will have a little idea why we are who we are.  I've always considered myself belonging to the first generation of kiddos from the "new modern" family, the generation when divorce became common place and the introduction of steps and halfs.

I've been meaning to have Papa write down some of this thoughts on adoption.  He's been prolific these days but none of it here.  It's good stuff to have this knowledge first hand from an adult adoptee, and it serves to remind me that no matter how many books I read or knowledge I try to gleam, the experience is in the mind of  adoptee and is to be honored and respected as such.

I've been thinking about sharing our story about how we now find ourselves knee deep in orthodontia and orthognathic care.  (That's a heck of a word, hu?)  Both Papa and I never had braces and Sunny too was born with gorgeous teeth.  But fate has caught up to us and now the next two kiddos have teamed up to simultaneous drain our wallets.

The desert temperatures still remain bearable.  It's only in the mid 90's the next few days and seeing as how I'm ok until 105 degrees, my shoes aren't melting into the asphalt yet.  But summer is almost here and this is the time when us desert dwellers start to antsy in anticipation of the dreaded summer heat.  Little cabin in the woods awaits us again this summer.  I'm dreaming of it night and day.  I have my summer reads ordered and my sewing packed.

Anyone else having trouble making it through May?

I'll leave you with this image, taken a couple years ago at little cabin in the woods.
It makes me happy.
And excited that we'll be packing up soon!


  1. May is insane for me to! Lot of work and moving is really to much :(

    Do you have to pay for braces yourself in US? In my country medical insurance covers that costs fo children under 18.

  2. You taught Middle Schoolers? I need help, this is my first year in middle school - last yr I was in Kindergarten, before that Elementary - but anyhow... when I mentioned to my new(er) colleagues that I was adopting, 3 people immediately pipped in and said that they were adopted and grateful to me for adopting.... made me feel that I wanted to know more about them!

    yea, didn't realize May was 2nd busiest until you mentioned it. Remind me to never make a dentist apt in May again!!! Don't need the extra responsibility in an already busy month!

    little cabin in the woods.... ahhhh, I can hear you sighing all the way over to the east coast.... sounds nice, real nice, ENJOY!

    thanks for sharing your life!

  3. I had an old friend ask me to meet for lunch this Month-HA HA HA, needless to say they have one child the age of 6 months and not a clue what May holds for parents with school kids! Wow-that wasn't very nice of me, huh? Yes, May is, um, I don't have anything nice to say so I won't say anything at all. Oh wait, May is right before June and that is fabulous!

  4. Oh BTW-I may move to that country where they pay for braces, since I have 3 in line that will cover the next 8-10 years, then probably the to follow a few years after, it will be a small house once we're done! Ok, maybe not a house, but a car for sure! Orthodontia will become part of our "budget" and monthly finances for MANY years to come, good times!

  5. Yes, I too think I'll be moving to this lovely country where they pay for orthodontics! It's costing us a pretty penny.

  6. Yes, you should! And I sign up for a babysitter :)

  7. Is it just me or was that an exciting post?! There's a whole lot going on, eh? I'm even looking forward to you going to your little cabin in the woods. BTW, do you read that blog? The Little Cabin in the Woods blog? It's good. Photography, adoption, all that good stuff : )


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