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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sparrow Fund

So I want to pass on this amazing little organization!

The Sparrow Fund is a not for profit organization the donates funds to adoptive families for medical evaluation of children who are being considered for adoption.  Seeing as how Papa and I are working on some back tax issues, I've recently been reminded about how much it costs to adopt a child.  The medical evaluation of a pile of papers, is so very important, and it's so costly.  Regardless of cost, the medical evaluation is a critical step that helps a family decided what needs a child has and if they could best raise this child.

So here's where the audience participation part of the game comes in.

  • If you're considering adopting and need some financial assistance, especially for the medical evaluation, go to their web site, and check it out.  It is an AMAZING organization!
  • Or let's just say... you're not really hooked into the adoption world like we are but... you like SHOPPING!  And who couldn't use a little retail therapy?  During this month of May, 33 retailers are donating 10% of their total sales to The Sparrow Fund!  There are some really neat retailers, many with very unique hand-crafted merchandise!  Like Noah and Lilah, they have the most adorable handmade children's clothing!  Or maybe your blog your blog has been tweaked so much that it needs a professional overhaul from Custom Blog Designs?  (Oh wait... that's me.)  They've got that too!  And I'm thinking my little sweeties may need a lovie from Ginger Peachy Designs.  Go take a look by pushing this button here and have fun shopping!  Really, there's some great stuff!
Let me know if there's anything that catches you fancy!


  1. (So far) I ordered two skirts from Noah and Lilah, a necklace from Wild Poppy, a moustache tee from Oh Fiddlesticks, and some art work from Art by Erin Leigh! :) I'm having fun finding some neat things and supporting stores who support adoption AND, of course, supporting The Sparrow Fund.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh Kelly! How fun! There is a silk broach/pin in gold from Wild Poppy that I am DYING for!!! DYING! Gotta have it. My birthday is in June... (papa, hint hint hint)


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