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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Predictable and Sweet Saturday}

In the midst of chaos, there's a great peace about predictability.
In the spring, Saturdays are for baseball.
Oh sweet little league baseball!
We make camp in the outfield.  Patch's team was in red.  There's a hill for the little ones to roll their ball or their bodies down.  There's shade for the rest of us.

Wave to the camera, Jude!
There's a tree to climb.  Don't worry about her falling.  Her feet are still on the ground.
Does anyone else's hubby take notes during little league baseball?
For Livy and I, pretzels are the icing on the cake!
(I think only the young look good in blue fingernail polish!  Pish.)
Sunny used the time to study for her Spanish final...
...and some cuddle time of course!
Boo had fun too being the big brother.  Who would've thunk that my fourth child would have been the proud big brother?!  It suits him well.
Strangely, there's not a single picture of Patch!  He was busy playing baseball after all.
And not that it really mattered, {Don't tell Patch I said that! because it really was all about being all together, supporting Patch, and enjoying the afternoon} but they did win, 9 to 7!  Patch hit a ground out to the 3rd baseman and was out at 1st.  He walked on his second at bat, only to be stranded at 3rd.  And some good defensive plays for my boy who mostly plays in the outfield.
Sweet Saturday, I love thee!

PS---Do you have a picture that you think really shows off "color" in a special way?  The blue of the ocean or the ski?  Bright flowers?  There are only 6 more days to enter photographs in Picture Perfect!  Then I'll be picking May's winner.  Click on the blue-flower button on the top right side bar, or here, to see some great images so far and get inspired to take some photographs of your own.  I have two favorites so far!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Beautiful photos....and what a great reminder to just find the beauty in the simplicity of our days! :) Love this!

  2. Beautiful post and pics. Loved your first sentence, "In the midst of chaos, there's a great peace about predictability." No truer words!

  3. your children are absolutely gorgeous. I am jealous of your fun filled laid back Saturday...and your warm temperatures.

  4. Awww all the photos are so gorgeous but the one of your girl in the tree. Priceless!

    Here from Sunday Snapshot

  5. Our soccer season just ended, but it was such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

    Those mountains behind home plate in your last that!!

  6. It looks like a very fun day. I love that you could all be together! : )

  7. loved peaking into your sweet, predictable saturday. looks like fun... and relaxing. btw: loving the blue polish! think i'm gonna have to go dig mine out just in time for summer! :)

  8. She is so adorable climbing so high in that big tree....hehehe. I love how you all come together as a family like this.


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