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Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Perfect {May}

Y'all didn't think I forget did you?  In an effort to further postpone a confrontation with the vicious dirty-laundry monster, I wanted to make sure that I started May's Picture Perfect right off!

Picture Perfect is a monthly photo contest here at Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8.    At the beginning of each month, I post a theme. {This month's theme is below!}

Photos can be taken any time but should be taken by the person that submits the photograph.
Enter more than one photo (in separate posts) if you want!  Up to 3 entries.
Photos can be post processed using whatever method you prefer (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Picnic...)
Don't be intimidated by others' entries.  We love looking at images from photographers of all levels!  Inspiration comes from so many places.
You have approximately 3 weeks to enter then I'll announce the winner week #4!   So get out there and take some pics!!!

1)  Make a post on your own blog that features your photo entry (and any text if you want telling a little bit about the subject matter and why you chose it.)
2)  Add the Picture Perfect button to a post on your blog.    Just copy the code under the Picture Perfect button and paste it into the body of your Picture Perfect post where you'd like the button to be displayed.  The button and the code is right over there on the right side bar on top.  When you click "publish" it it will show up fine. 
3)  Come back and link up at the bottom of this post.  (It's not hard... really!)  ***Feel free to link up to Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or whatever, in lieu of a blog if you prefer.***

  • Bragging rights!
  • Brownie points!
  • Bloggie-crack! (a.k.a. comments on your blog)
  • My undying admiration!
  • Hits on your blog!
  • And if you win, a wicked cool Picture Perfect blog badge that announces to all your readers that you won!  (OK, it's not really "wicked cool" but still!)
Drum roll please...

Yes, the photos submitted this month should be in color, but more than that, these pics should highlight color is some way.  Maybe a pop of color stands out or perhaps it's processed in a way that draws the viewers eye to something that we wouldn't see otherwise.  As photos are submitted, I think we can draw inspiration from one another.  (Yes, I'm trying to keep the themes kinda easy for now.  Don't want to scare anyone away 'cause we're all about low stress here!)

When I went to take pics of this redhead last month, I spotted this storage trailer.  Then when he showed up in the bright green shirt, I couldn't resist combining all of them together.  Popped the contrast and saturation a bit to emphasize the bright colors.  The freckles don't hurt none!

This second example is sweet Livy taken a couple years ago.  On this image, I had no clue how prominent the blue would be.  The blue just lends itself to the calm serene feeling that she has on her face as she watches her siblings play.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Love the theme! Love that picture of the redhead!

  2. Ya make this so appealing that I'm actually pondering the thought of buying me an SLR (are they even still called that?)

  3. ok, i am going to participate and force myself to keep my eyes open for color. i think i know what i want to do.

  4. Love the subject! We just came back from CNY in China where everything was just saturated in bright colors. It takes me like three days to get a photo to post though so I'll try to post one (or more if possible). Love Scooping It Up's photo by the way, that is just adorable!


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