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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mother and daughter at 14 1/2

Can you see it?
I see the same ear lobes.
The same shadow past the left eye.  
The same smirk.
Both with two piercings in each ear.
And both with Brooke Shield eyebrows.

Maybe it's easier to seen in black & white?
I know y'all are going to call me crazy, and maybe it's just a mama thing, but...
nope, I just do not see it.  

the long road

PS---Only 3 more days to enter May's Picture Perfect!  Mr. Linky closes Friday night, then a winner will be selected!  You're gonna LOVE the color on the thumbnails!  Looks like a crayon box threw up over there!  Pretty stuff!


  1. Crazy is right. She is you. The chin. They eyes. The hair. WOW! Both so Beautiful!

  2. Both beautiful and a true mirror of yourself!

  3. She does resemble you but IMO, Sunny looks even more like you! Maybe compare you and her and see!

  4. It's the smirk and earlobes that did me in!

  5. In a recent photo of Patch, I was thinking how great the resemblance to his Mama was. All beauties! And I LOVED your last post. Made me laugh out loud. Having to wear a bra is far and away the worst thing about company in the house. I can relate!

  6. Between you and Liv it's so much more than skin deep my dear!

  7. Absolutely see it!!! The hair, earlobes and expression.
    Great black and whites too!

  8. So beautiful!! You need to frame those side by side and give that to her. She'd cherish it.

  9. Yes- Yes I do see it.

    My mom gave me a ton of photos from my childhood & it was so fun to see how much each of my kids looks like me. I used to only think it was my middle one and the others looked like the hubs. But no- they all have certain faces that are all me. Amazing to see it- isn't it?!

  10. Don't know you personally-but the resemblance I see is coming through the eyes from the soul.

    Both are beautiful.

  11. Well... I'm gonna post pics of myself more often to be told repetitively how beautiful I am!
    Full Spectrum Mom---amazing that you say that. although I don't see a strong physical resemblance between Livy and me, I have always said Liv is the child most like me in temperament and spirit. We're both tenacious to a fault, and a bit righteous. And similar in many other ways too. Sunny, on the other hand, and I are nothing like, opposites to the core.

  12. Melissa C---Love you, sweet heart! I think so too. It's just like that with some kiddos.
    crazy me


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