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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To be a thief

Photography is my therapy.
Photography can be my mirror.
It can be my diary.  My friend.  And occasionally my enemy.

I find inspiration in many places, and one of those places is looking at other's images.  And as it often happens, I often wish I could have take those images, or at least I wish I had the talent to take something like the photographs I'm drawn to.

I've always said, I'm far from creative... but I am a pretty good thief!  So I will often try to copy a photographers style.  Or sometimes I'll try to replicate an entire photograph.
It's the sincerest form of flattery... right?

So here's the photographer I found myself trying to replicate this time.  {Hi Sharon!  Surprise!}

We've actually exchanged several emails, and I was initially drawn to her photos because I thought her daughter and mine, Tess, looked so much alike!  These two are from the same part of the world.  {And there're a myriad of other similarities between us.Except for that vegetarian thing, and she's way pretty too!}  But then I came to appreciate her black and white images.  Oh, they are just delicious!  But as much as I tried to copy her style, I just couldn't get Tess to sit still, like she is able to get her daughter to!

Till this weekend.

Sweet delicious black & white.  Void of distractable color.  And able to focus on the essence of the image.  Sharon does that so very well.
Here's what I came up with-
Oh, I could just dive into those eyes!  They seem to be telling me something within their depth.  
So, go ahead and try copying a photograph or a photographer's style.  Copy someone who's photographs you are really drawn to.  Think about the lens they might have used and look at the lighting.  Crop the subject in the same way.  Then work on imitating the post processing.  You're Photoshop skills (or Lightroom in my case) will be stretched and grow.  Then go ahead and use your newly acquired skills for inspiration and take it one step further.

Give it try.  Be a thief!


  1. Wow what incrediable pictures! I may just have to be a "theif" and try some pictures. That is if i can get a subject. lol! Tess looks SOOO pretty in these! (:

  2. Beautiful.

    I need to not feed the family for 6 weeks and buy me a new camera!

    Tess is a cutie-pie.

  3. Absolutely stunning!!! Tess is such a beautiful little girl.
    I also follow Sharon's blog and love her style very much.

    Great idea to try another photographer's style. Wonderful post!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!

  5. As my father always said "Steal shamelessly and implement proudly"

  6. BEAUTIFUL images Nancy! I agree with you, Sharon has such a talent! So do you!!

  7. I've had to do this a few times for the photographpy class I'm taking and it's so challenging, but exciting. It pushes my limits. Your photos came out beautifully :)

  8. You really nailed it on these images of Tess! But then again, you always do! Her and L do have such similar features. I do hope you enlarge these and put them on your walls!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the kind words, but sometimes I feel as if I should bow down to you and say " I'm not worthy!". Heh, it's cool to know I have a "style" because when I just took Sheye Rosemeyer's Evolve class recently, it was all about finding your style. I wasn't quite sure what mine was!

  9. YUM!!! On the black and whites of Tess!!!!!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS girl!! Yes, we love Sharon too! Isnt she amazing? (pretty AND thin!!) We kind of hate her :) Ha!! When my husband surfs blogs he LOVES to go and see whatSsharon has capture of Linhsey. She is breathtaking - so is Tess!!


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