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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Bill}

I'm a firm believer that God places just the people you need, right in your path, at just the right time.  Kinda like heaven sent angels.
Our lives have been blessed with the presence of these angels.  Some of these angels, we've known about, like Papa's co-worker who has become one of his best friends and much more.  Or the sweet woman who helped us get to the hospital many years ago when I accidentally cut Sunny's finger off.  (That a whole 'nother story.)  Or the nurse that was first on the scene when I rolled my Volkswagen in college.  And Tess's occupational therapist that help calmed my nerves weekly.
I'm sure there are also many other angels from God that we haven't know about too, that have helped us along our path, guided our way, provided us with information.  God is pretty neat like that.  He knows just what we need and gives it to us.
This is one of those angels.
This is our angel, and he doesn't even know it.
This is Bill.
He is the bus driver that takes T&J to school each morning.  Bill drives the "special bus."
I'll be honest.  Those first mornings that he came to pick them up wasn't good.  Tess was screaming, and Jude was scared silent.  I kept my happy it's-gonna-be-alright, mama face on and helped them get on the bus, handing them off to Bill who took them under his wing {literally?} and buckled them in their car seats.
Bill was so surprised that first morn how small my sweeties were.  Tess was still 2 years old those first few weeks.   On that first morning, as the bus pulled away, and as I'm sure you saw coming, the bus pulled out of eye sight quickly my happy mama face turned to tears.  I crumpled in the front door and bawled like a baby.
The weeks passed to months, and Bill came to know T&J better.  I came to know Bill better.  T&J came to know Bill better, and I'd say it's safe to say that we all came to not only appreciate but love each other.  Upon seeing the bus coming down the street, T&J now happily give me hugs and kisses goodbye and run down the walkway and eagerly climb up the huge steps to see Bill... smiling broadly and so excited to say hello to him.  And the feeling is very mutual.  After buckling in my sweeties, there have been many many occasions that Bill has stepped off the bus to tell me just how he adores my littles.  How proud he is of Tess when she learned to buckle herself in.  How smart he thinks they are.  And these days, with tears in his eyes, how he will miss them if and when he doesn't have this route next year.
I have every confidence in the world, that if anything were to happen to that bus, Bill would watch after my sweeties as if they were his own.  I've told Bill that.  Bill is so amazing.  God is so incredible knowing how much both T&J and I needed Bill.

Our days with Bill watching over T&J are now very very few.
I had to get out there and take some pics of him and them together so I never forget the face of this angel and how how he poured love on us all during these days.
And how magnificent God is to give us just what we needed just when we needed it.  
Another ordinary miracle.

Sunday Snapshot

PS - Yes, the school bus has car seats.  


  1. Awww, that Bill is an angel!
    We had a similar bus driver when Isabelle started in school at age 3... what a blessing she was to us!
    Thank you for sharing Bill with us this Sunday :)

  2. Sweet story....and such a wonderful reminder to look for those ordinary angels in our life everyday!:)

  3. So precious! Sometimes, it is just the everyday things that are oh, so special. :-)

  4. You're so right that God always knows just what we need! Glad you have a special bus driver to step into that spot right where you needed someone! Very cool :)

  5. This brought tears to my eyes...
    The photos are amazing!

  6. what a sweet story, great school bus shots too!

  7. I love your photos! So sweet. What a blessing to have Bill driving the bus!

  8. So sweet! It is always wonderful when others see how precious our children are and treat them so.

  9. Awwww... such a sweet post about a sweet man!

  10. Oh my goodness. What a sweet story! Brought tears to my eyes. The transportation part of school is probably the hardest part for me--in terms of trust and security and confidence in the person who is driving! You are so very blessed to have Bill!

  11. Where's the stinkin' kleenex box? It truley makes me want to give this man a hug for loving unconditionally of others and caring so much. Instead, I will thank the Lord in prayers tonight for sending such a good and faithful servant to cross your path, he may not even know that he is doing God's work, and that's the best part.

  12. Give Bill a hug from me! What a tribute to him and yes he is an angel from above to be such a special part of your children's lives. My aunt drove a school bus for 30 years and some of her riders still keep in touch with her. :)

  13. And don't you just love it when the angels are the most unlikely heroes? Like the Good Samaritan! I love it when God places people in our lives when we least expect it (much less deserve it) and they remind of us of His Goodess and His Delight in our joy!

    Thanking God for Bill today!

    Darling pictures of Tess and Jude!

  14. thank you for sharing this wonderful memory. brought tears to my eyes. i was just thanking God (again) for caring about all the details of our lives... he is so good!

  15. i love coming to your blog for a good cry. geez.

  16. God knows what we need. It's the little things you know. :)

  17. Huge smiles!
    Loved reading about your angel and had to smile as he made me think of several in our lives too...

  18. I think it's so important for our kids to love and respect (and get that in return) other adults besides their parents. It makes them so much more well-rounded. He seems like a very cool guy. We have a Bill but his name is Sam :)


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