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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winner winner... Your Muse!

Picture {Perfect}

Ok, I won't kid you.  Picking a winner was WAY harder then I thought it was going to be!  I went back and forth between several favorites!  A few of them were so technically gorgeous!  And others had an image that just took my breath away!  And I started asking other folks which ones they liked... and somewhere around then I realized that I was really hoping the folks I consulted with would pick one particular image!  I really wanted this one image to win!  And somewhere about that time, it dawned on me that in the end, I'm the one who picks the winner! 

First off, thank you so very much for participating!  I was inspired to try some new things by several images!  Like the one with the colored ice cream cone!  Gotta try that!  And upside down kiddos should be fun too!  And Sharon's black & whites always leave me dreamy!

The First the Runner Up-
I kept going back to look at it, and a lot of you liked it too!
This image is from Amy of Whachootalkin'bout.  There's just something so simple about this image and that makes me like it all the more!  And truth be told, I am a SUCKER for gorgeous lighting, and this image is beautifully lit!  SO yummy!  And those eyelashes!  I love the way the depth of field is short and the hand holding the pencil is just in crystal clear focus!  So simple and straight forward.  It's the kind of photo we all hope to capture of our muse.  It's just beautiful Amy!

And drum-roll please... The winner of Picture Perfect April 2011 is...
...this is the little gem that I found myself unknowingly drawn too!
Is it the way the new daddy is leaning in and brushing his nose against her face?  Or is it her one eye that seems to make such eye contact that it seems to touch my soul?  Is it that fuzzy pink jacket?  Maybe it's her peaches and cream complexion?  Or the way his eyes are closed, and he's just trying to take in every scent and touch of her?  It just makes me swoon.  This angel is Hannah from Welcome to the Story of Us.  She's now at least a couple years older and still so adorable!  Oh Nicole, thank you so much for participating and showing me that not having the subject's whole face in the photo can sometimes convey the feelings and emotions even better!  I just adore this shot!  What a gift!  (I'm going to email you your Picture Perfect winner's badge for your blog-- as soon as I figure out how to do that!)

I'm planning on announcing the theme and starting May's Picture Perfect contest on the first Monday of the month, May 2nd!  Feel free to contribute suggestions!


  1. Excellent choices! There's something so beautiful about those almond-shaped eyes.

  2. LOVED all the pics! Can't wait to participate this so So much fun!

  3. Yep, I'm swooning too. (Get me to my baby NOW.) :o)

  4. yay Amy! Love seeing people's pics. I need to participate next time. :)

  5. Nancy, I love your choices, but what I love most is your take on them and the words you typed out about them. I can't wait for the next theme!

  6. I promise that if the first place winner isn't able to fulfill her responsibilities I, as the runner up, will step in gracefully. Thank you for the honor!! Bring on next months contest!!


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