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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super chalk & nothing special

Friday, will be the last day to participate it Picture Perfect!  Then I'll have to buckle down and choose a winner.  Head on over to submit a photo (by clicking the blue flower button over there on the right) and to see some wonderful photos that hopefully inspire us all to get out there and take more photographs.  There are already a few that I want to copy with my own kiddos!  
Photographers of all levels are encouraged to participate... really!

On to plain ol' life...
You know, it wasn't an earth-shattering event.  To be honest, it wasn't significant or even a memorable event!  No fancy or cute outfits or even even combed hair.  
But the older I get, the faster time passes, and I realize that these are the moments I want to remember the most.  Just the silly little nothing events that shape our days... months... years... lives.
Like sidewalk chalk.  
And tracing around one another's feet.  So simple.
Livy seems to be in this position at every turn.  Seems like she's the one always helping out.  
Her arms circling around a little one.  Teaching.  Guiding.  I want to make sure I always remember this.  
I love the way Tess has that hair hanging in her face.  And the way her shorts are on backwards.  
She put them on all by herself you know!  
And how she insists on wearing a jacket or a sweater almost all the time, regardless or the temperature.  
I wanna remember that too.  
I want to remember that there was a season when these boys started to really play together and enjoy each other's company.    Not a big brother and a little brother, just brothers.  
When Jude stopped being a baby, and started to become a little boy.  When did that happen?  
Nothing special.  Just the best stuff ever.
{sniff sniff}

the long road


  1. Best stuff ever is right! Love each and every shot! We have our sidewalk chalk out too and we're loving going out after dinner and enjoying drawing the sunset and watching the moon rise. Keep enjoying those moments Nancy!

  2. Definitely the best stuff! As usual I love your photos!

  3. i love all of them, great pictures!

  4. Absolutely precious! Love these everyday moments. My little ones love sidewalk chalk, too. In fact, Target had Easter egg shaped sidewalk chalk on their dollar rack the other day, so that will be making an appearance in Easter baskets this weekend.

  5. Sniff, sniff right back! I have been having alot of the same thoughts and really trying to capture them how they are! It is going way too fast and somehow phots slow it down just a tad. I think there will be a sidewalk chalk photoshoot in my very near tonight maybe :)

    Great shots!

  6. LOVE these! What special moments. I am a big fan of the little moments and little things that turn out to be the big things you remember :)

  7. you are an amazing, amazing photographer! And keeper of the most precious memories!! Where DO you find the time to be so awesome???????

  8. I'm the same way with my little guy. It really is those little moments where my heart suddenly feels heavy it's so full of love and amazement for him and all the blessings we've been given.

    Jackie @

  9. very wonderful and memorable photos..

    Hope you can visit my First Two EntriesTwo Day Old and Rain Drops

  10. beautiful family! I get intimidated by all the photo set ups that some people do, and I'm glad for your reminder to capture the everyday stuff! thank you!

  11. Friday as in YESTERDAY?! I missed it? I thought it was for the month of April. We just got home from Tennessee yesterday. Can I submit a photo today (Saturday)? If not, I totally understand.

  12. I have a post ready to go if I can submit it, but it looks like it's closed.


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