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Sunday, April 17, 2011

One vs The Other

Livy (14) & Sunny (17)
One wants to have a LOT of kiddos.
The other wants to have only 1... or not.

One was blessed with gorgeous teeth.  
The other is gonna cost so much money in orthodontics that I'm gonna have to sell one of the younger children to pay for it. 

One is fun-loving.
The other is sincere.

One wants to leave home yesterday.
The other says she'll never leave.
One is messy out in the open.
The other hides her messes in cupboards and closets.

One is a people pleaser.
The other calls it likes she sees it.

One craves the spotlight.
The other is most happy helping out behind the scenes.

One has tons of friends at every turn.
The other has a few really close best friends.
One says the hardest part of school is biology.
The other says the hardest part of school is stairs. 

One likes to cook spicy foods.
The other like to eat spicy foods.

One wants to live in the city.
The other wants to live in the country.
One wants to live in a penthouse.
One wants to live in a farm house. 

One has brown eyes.
The other has hazel.

Both want to be nurses.

Both want to adopt a dark chocolate brown baby that has a French accent.  {Don't ask}

Both are dirty blonds.

Both have double pierced ears.

Both say the other is their best friend.

Both have shared a room for over 12 years and even a bed for the last 5 years.
Both are my beloved daughters.


  1. Beautiful! :) Makes me think about and miss my sisters. They're lucky to have each other

  2. I hope I'll be able to make a similarly lovely post about my girls in about 14 years. ;o)

  3. AWW! On the one hand, this post makes me sad that I have an only child and that he'll never have that. BUT seeing how different they are, and knowing how good my son is, it makes me happy because I know my second one would be the horrible one. ;)

    Loved the post & the photos!

  4. These are sweet, love your black and white processing!

  5. close sister relationships are wonderful! I hope it continues for many years!

  6. BOTH are beautiful! Isn't it a treasure to see the differences and similarities in our babies! LOVE IT!

  7. This post was so absolutely beautiful! There is something so wonderful about sisters, isn't there? Even when they are as different as night and day! It is clear they love each other very, very much. LOVELY post! Tweeting it this instant!

  8. They are both beautiful! My sister is 2 years younger than me & we have always been best buds

  9. What an absolutely beautiful post about your girls. So touching.

  10. Oh I love that. Such a sweet representation of 2 very beautiful girls.

  11. THIS is why we are getting a sister for Mya!!! I never had a sister and SO wanted one! Your daughters are beautiful inside and out! I kept trying to figure out which one fit which criteria the whole time :)

  12. i have read close to all your posts and am amazed at your true talent as a writer. you are gifted with this talent. i am very proud to say i have grown to know both your daughters and the family. i am very blessed i was given such an opportunity and hope i will get to know the family even more. you and your family are amazing people and i want you all to know i think of all of you as family you all have always treated me well.

  13. They are so beautiful it makes me cry.

  14. Awe-this makes me so sad for KT-she has always wanted a sister, and I have wanted one for her. What a blessing for them to have each other!

  15. I just love this Nancy! Sister bonds are amazing and so special!

  16. these girls make me wish even more my daughter had a sis... gorgeous.

  17. You should seriously pat yourself on your back because these 2 beauties are AMAZING, and YOU my friend helped participate in that!


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