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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer time?

First off---  Wanna join us for our monthly photo contest?  Photographers of any level wanted!  I'm keeping it fun and easy and just hoping we can inspire each other with our photographs.  Come on over to Picture Perfect and join in the fun!

Second off---  Not to rub it in the noses of those of you who are still living with snow, but in these parts, the desert, now is the season we start swimming!  Now, don't get me wrong, it's still quite nippy!

But when you're a squirrely boy with energy to burn, it just can't be resisted.
And when you're a 3 1/2 year old toddler watching your older brothers splash around in the pool... it just can't be resisted!
And when your a 14 year old girl, listening to all the fun that you're not a part of... again it still can't be resisted, no matter how chilly it is!
But one can get a bit more practical at 14, so the wet suit helped!
The kiddos were so so excited that the pool season is finally here, that they went swimming 3 times on Saturday!  The neighborhood boys came around like magnets, and the fun ensued.
There's something so good about children splashing and swimming, something so good about the amount of energy they burn.  And in the end come out so clean and tired and sleep so very quickly and well!
That does a mama's heart good!
Let summer begin... goose bumps and all!


  1. Love, love, love your pics. Your shots are always so awesome. I'm seriously thinking of taking a photography class this summer.

    These pictures inspire me.

  2. Being one of those families that are currently watching the snow falling . . I am envious of your pool fun!! Great photos!!!

    {stopping by from Sunday Snapshot}

  3. Such great photos! We're on the verge of some pool weather here too! Looks like fun! :)

  4. We're already swimming too! Well, by "we" I mean the kids. Too cold for me!

  5. ah you lucky ducks! I wish we could swim right now. It's warm, but still a little to chilly to go swimming. Plus no pools are open till Memorial day lol. Looks like ya'll had a good time!
    Happy Sunday! (:

  6. I know my daughter is so ready for the pool to be open, after three recent indoor swimming events. Still have to wait until Memorial Day weekend though...

  7. Oh! I think we have "pool season" for one week in August. Lovely photos and children--I guess some things never change!

  8. Yup, officially jealous! I can't WAIT for warmer weather! And as usual, the kids are absolutely adorable :-)

  9. Even in chilly NJ we usually open the pool in April. But there is NO way you are getting ME in it unless the heat gets turned up to 89. Yup, that's my swimming temp. Hubby jumped in at 65 before. I wouldn't survive! Love these images!!!!!

  10. i am going to have to swear off your blog for awhile. it only makes me bitter.

    we are still running the heat, and my electric blanket is still vital every night.



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