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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picture Perfect (with update!)

So here's the where we have the audience participation part of the game!

I need help!  (Yes, with that unwanted facial hair too, but for now I'm talking about Picture Perfect.)
I admit, I have a few favorites!  But selecting a winner is gonna be tougher than I thought!  There are things about several of the pics that I LOVE!
Could you help me out?
In the comments section of this post, let me know what your favorite(s) is?  Go ahead and try to sway my decision 'cause I'm wishy-washy like that.

And if you've got a moment while you're looking around at the entries, leave a comment or two for the participants on their blogs.  Comments are like the crack of the blog world!  We live and breathe for them!

The final day for entries is in about 10 days!  And I'm still expecting a few more images.  Then I'll have a week to announce the winner and start the next contest right on May 1st!

I'm having SO much fun looking at the entires.  You should see how excited I get when a new one comes in!  (I know, I'm easily entertained!  It is what it is!)  There already have been some submission that have me trying out a couple new things!

And Picture Perfect is available anytime just by clicking the blue flower button on the top left side bar.
It's finally here!  

Picture Perfect will be a monthly photo contest here at Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8.    At the beginning of each month, I'll post a theme. {This month's theme is below!}

Photos can be taken any time but should be taken by the person that submits the photograph.
Enter more than one photo (in separate posts) if you want!  Up to 3 entries.
Photos can be post processed using whatever method you prefer (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Picnic...)
Don't be intimidated by others' entries.  We love looking at images from photographers of all levels!  Inspiration comes from so many places.
You have 1 month to enter!   So get out there and take some pics!!!

1)  Make a post on your own blog that features your photo entry (and any text if you want telling a little bit about the subject matter and why you chose it.)
2)  Add the Picture Perfect button to a post on your blog.    Just copy the code under the Picture Perfect button and paste it into the body of your Picture Perfect post where you'd like the button to be displayed.  The botton and the code is right over there on the right side bar on top.  When you click "publish" it it will show up fine.  {I hope}
3)  Come back and add your link to your blog post below.   {At the bottom of this post.  It's not hard... really!}  ***If you don't have a blog, feel free to link-up to a photo in Flickr or Photobucket or Picasa or whatever you fancy!***

Bragging rights!
Brownie points!
Bloggie-crack! Comments on your blog!
My undying admiration!
Hits on your blog!
(And if I get my act together) If you win, a supercool Picture Perfect blog badge that announces to all your readers that you won!

Drum roll please...
Your Muse!

"A muse is someone who has such an influence on another that he or she becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's creative work."
Who do you just LOVE to take photos of recently or who was your muse in the past?  Who inspires you to take pictures of them.  Who is the one who's smile or gaze makes you reach for you camera.  Who makes you swoon and you just have to capture that moment to remember forever?  For many of us, it will be our children.  But perhaps it's your hubby or best friend.  I told you I'd keep it easy and fun!

The winner will be announced May 1st here at the Crazy 8.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here's my recent muse, Tess.  To be frank, with so much subject matter around this house, my muse changes frequently.  But lately it's been Tess!  I can't seem to get enough of her these days, and I'm trying to capture it all in print lest I forget even a single moment!  Her eyes, although they're not seen here, are mesmerizing.  And her lips and dark skin make me jealous!  And strangely she's been accommodating me recently by holding still long enough to for me capture her picture!


  1. OMG yay! I"m so excited for this!
    But i have a question! And this sounds really like non educated but.... (i looked it up and couldn't find what it ment, or at least what i think it should mean) What does "muse" mean?

  2. Kjbikakis-I clarified and expanded the post to explain what a "muse" is better. Hope that helps. And I am SO excited to see your submission!!!

  3. Yes, Tess is the perfect muse. Her beauty is captivating. Clearly you know what subject my entry will contain...heh. I hope to capture something this weekend!

  4. I just love that image of Tess! I'm also loving your challenge!! Looking forward to checking out others and seeing what's up for May. Thanks for starting Picture Perfect. :)

  5. I already feel like a winner. The mere fact that I could follow those directions and actually get it all done, is AMAZING!

  6. Oops, thanks for the reminder to link it! LOL

  7. Nicole's cowboy is pretty cute... I could take a kazillion pictures of that cutie! :)

  8. I really love the macro flower shot! Macros aren't my thing, so I can certainly appreciate them when I see them!

  9. Oh! There are too many to love! But there is just something about the little girl's face in Our Boy and His Cricket that draws me in. The whole photo is fascinating with so much to look at in it.

  10. I LOVE the picture of Tess with the hat and big sunglasses! I keep going back to look at it again. My photo contest favorite of the pictures I can see because my ancient, dial-up internet connection, desk top computer chops off a third of your blog photos is #13. What a sweet, sad baby face peeking out from under that hood, but I think they are all amazing. -Michele


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