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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Obligatory egg post

What's a holiday without a little stress thrown in?
The photos are here just to throw you off.  
Our home and our family has been ROCKIN'!  I mean we are busy and bending and stretching beyond normal, and all of us seem to just be hangin' on for dear life.  
Much of the busyness has been the result of big changes that are happening in our family.  On several fronts.  And change can be hard and stressful for little ones and big ones and saggy 40-year-old ones.  
Papa and I had a very quick moment together, (read-we locked the door to our bedroom door and stole 5 min to talk while the little ones tried to pick the lock with a skewer.) and talked about all the commotion in our home.  And by commotion I mean arguments, tears, fighting, and messy dirty sin ridden behavior... by us all.  
Throw in a holiday, lots of company, and a good bit of spring fever, and we've all been on a short fuse.  
Papa and I reminded each other that will all the things going on lately, baseball in full swing, Papa traveling out-of-town a lot, some new parenting strategies for Tess, and a couple other big things changing 'round here, that a lot of this is is probably normal.  Likely God providing us with some blessed opportunities to practice patience and grace when it's tough.  For these divine opportunities, we are truly blessed.  
I know these egg pics really don't look all that frazzled, but I promise there were some serious "eruptions" and tears just prior and just after this.   The eggs were an attempt to diffuse the situation and come together for some family fun.
And it worked!  Happy family... for about 30 minutes.  
Then it was back to scratching each other's eyeballs out.  
More Easter to come.  This was just the prep work.
Happy Easter, All!  The most glorious and sacred of all holy-days.  

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Good distraction technique. Love that you share when things are rocky as well as when they are fabulous. Trim everyones fingernails down and hang on for the bumpy ride.....this to shall pass.


  2. These are fabulous photos! I love all the colors and reflections in the glass table. Plus cute kids!

    Sorry the stress is so high. It does make everything seem just a little harder when that happens. We left town to avoid the stress--and the weekend has been great, but getting ready to leave town...not something to write home about :)

  3. Love the photos! Thanks for being real as you shared your heart with us in this post.

  4. Very cute photos! Hope everything calms down for ya'll soon!
    Happy Easter~

  5. Fun pictures! Sorry there's so much stress behind them. :(
    Have a wonderfully, blessed Sunday!!

  6. Egg dying seems to be a great equalizer. Glad it gave you a few moments of calm.

  7. Pretty sure all this just makes you normal. :) Beautiful pictures!

  8. how many of my pics are in the calm in the eye of the storm? most.

    love to you all.

  9. Nope. I don't believe it. Not one word. I'm going to stay in my bubble of denial a little bit longer and believe you are the perfect family along with the perfect pictures to prove it. Happy Easter, friend. And seriously, can I take classes from you on how to handle the stress?

  10. I just found your blog, quite by accident, and now I want to invite you over so that you can teach me how to control the ISO on my camera and how I can achieve the blurry backgrounds WITHOUT using my telephoto lens! Do you like coffee? Chai tea? I'll have whatever you want to drink handy when you swing by for my camera lesson! Seriously, though, what a cute blog, and those little peanuts of yours are adorable! We have some very close friends here at home who just brought their little girl home from China this last September, and I adore her so much, I'm continually trying to steal her away!

  11. Thanks for the transparency. And sharing your family, photos and most of all, your heart. Carry on, Mama. God goes before ...


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