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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

not black & white

Except this one... it had to be in color.
See his feet turning in a bit?  That squared off ankle?
So Jude woke up that morning and couldn't walk.  Really.  He couldn't walk.  When we tried to get him to put some weight on his feet, he cried.  He started crawling to get where he wanted.  (in the last set of pics, he's being carried by a variety of folks.)
He was a happy guy as long as there was no pressure on his feet/legs.
It lasted almost 2 days!  2 days of no walking!
Had the crazy mama freakin' out a bit concerned!
Then almost 2 days later, he started walking again, slowly and gently at first.  Then it was over.  
We have no idea why, and if it was related to his club feet or the surgeries or...  
We don't see his orthopedist again till December.  


  1. What a beautiful boy!! So cute!! And I love, love the colors on the picture.

    I hope his feet are feeling better soon!

    Casey - birdie and the queen bee

  2. Was it only his ankles/feet or was it other joints shoulders, knees. We once had a bout here with parvovirus (5th disease) and it manifested itself in swollen and painful joints that hurt when you tried to walk.. and then was gone as quickly as it came.


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