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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo?

So one last little tid bit... then I promise that I'll stop recounting our spring break and living vicariously in the recent past.

One of the days at the beach, this little lady flew over to our blanket for a visit.
And seeing as how they're not frequent desert dwellers, I haven't had a ladybug land on me in forever.  There were no other ladybugs around anywhere 'cause I looked.  I'm not really a beach dweller living in the desert and all, but do ladybugs really go to the beach all that often?  I surely didn't see any others.
And she wouldn't leave.  I tried to get to to fly away home seeing as how the squirrelly, Crazy 8 boys were showing a little too much interest in her, and it was likely her life was in jeopardy.  But she wouldn't go.  She hung out on my arm and our beach blanket and my shirt.  Got me to thinking...

Y'all know the significance of ladybugs... right?
For all of you looking for the underlying meaning here... I'll be the first to say that I'm not really a strong follower of all that it's a sign mumbo jumbo.  I know that God has a plan for our family, and I'm trying my darnedest to surrender, set aside my own fleshy desires, and follow His path before me.
Silly fleshy desires... they're pesky and persistent!
Silly control-freak mama.
Silly dossier just sitting half-way across the world gathering dust.
But I'd sure love love love to think He sent me this little visitor to keep my hope alive for my fleshy desires.  That perhaps my wishes and His will are one?  Dare I dream it possible?
Time will tell.
Till then... surrendering.



  1. Gorgeous macro shots!! What did you shoot with? I take ladybugs for granted - they are everywhere here. I'll think of you the next time one lands on me :-)

  2. Love this post because it kind of relates to the post I have running around in my head right now. It is so difficult sometimes to let go and trust God that His timing is better than ours.

  3. I certainly hope they are the same for you. Maybe now isn't that far away from when God will put your dossier to use. Not so certain if it is God's will for my family to adopt or just my desires. It feels so impossible. Oops...that went off track.

    A ladybug is a wonderful sign of hope and why couldn't God show you His love and plan for you this way to encourage you during the wait?

  4. Nicole-This is full sunlight, high noon on the beach with my 100mm macro. I've got to learn to close it down at least just a little when I get that close for a larger DOF. But not bad for the lighting issues.

  5. i adore this post. its pure poetry and beautiful photos x

  6. 1st of all - gorgeous photos!! Just beautiful!!!
    2nd'ly - your post is too cute! yesterday all day we came across ladybugs - my 12 year old said, "Mom they keep coming to you -and when I call them, they still keep coming to you. I think God is saying that we need to adopt a deaf boy from China!" Bless his heart!


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