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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just keepin' it real...

Found deep within my couch cushions...
2 hair bows/flowers
1 cotton ball (dirty)
1 drill bit
1 ice skating pass used in 2007
1 flosser-used
1 happy birthday cupcake topper
4 used Kleenix (Yes, used... I'm mortified now.)
1 whole yellow crayon
3 pencils-1 mechanical  (I swear I clean in our couch regularly.)
1 hacky sack (circa 1986?)
1 hot pink plastic knife
1 broken white crayon that has been carved
1 plastic golf tee
1 magnetic Tekh Deck
1 pink crayon-also carved (It's just that there we're depths of my couch I wasn't aware of till now!)
1 plastic spoon
1 phone-dead (Jackpot!)
1 Chapstick-plain
2 hair rubber bands
1 straw
2 clothing tags
1/2 wine cork--Cabernet
2 sucker sticks--chewed on
2 baby links
1 push pin  (I mean it's a very deep couch!)
2 otter pop wrappers
8 candy wrappers
1/2 of a school assignment-(graded)
1 spelling test-(graded-50%-from 2009)
1 shredded envelope
2 pachinko balls (There's a whole post to come on this nightmare!)
1 church attendance tag
2 bra straps (Really!  I couldn't make this stuff up!)
2 Gerber baby food lids (T&J haven't had baby food in a LONG time!)
4 Legos  (no surprise there.  Those things breed!)
2 markers (Thank you dear God for letting the lids still be on!)
2 batteries
1 knitting needle (Nobody in our home knits.)
1 plastic wrapper of unknown origin
1 brochure to a chocolate factory in NY  (not a clue)
1 comb
1 seating chart for table #21 (still not a clue!)
1 coupon for crystal light (expired 1 month ago)
3 pieces of tape
1 red golf tee
$2.04 in assorted change
And the coup de grâce...

wait for it...


misc peanut shells, Cheerios, Mini Wheats, Chex cereal, Wheat Thins, french fries,
sunflowers seeds, popcorn, Oreo pieces, and orange peels
('cause nothing says Hoarders like lots of food left laying around for years on end)

Debating weather or not to move onto the love seat.


  1. Wow!! This post required WAY more humility than my candy confession :)


  2. Ha! This so reminds me of my house AND your "over the shoulder boulder holder" post of last year sometime....that still brings me to chuckle every now and again :)

  3. and I meant to add, you need to put that $2.04 towards a big ole cup of coffee. OUT.


    you deserve it!

  4. Are you serious? That is too funny! My favorite is the drill bit :)

  5. haha wow! Lots of hidden treasure in your couch (:

  6. I'm just glad it wasn't all in your BRA!!!! ;)

  7. This is awesome! At least there was nothing living in there, right?


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