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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

footsteps on the sand...

First off---
Do you love photography?
Do you love playing around with you camera and/or editing?
Then come on over and join us for our monthly photo contest!  Photographers of any level wanted!  Really... ANY level!  I'm keeping it fun and easy and just hoping we can inspire each other with our photographs.   There are already several photos submitted that have me thinkin... I've just GOT to try that!  Come on over to Picture Perfect, (just click on the blue/white button over there on the top right) and join in the fun!
Secondly, on to Black & White Wednesday---
I finally got around to looking at the last images from our spring break trip.  At first I wasn't too keen on them, but then I converted one of them into a black & white.  There's just something about black & white that can bring things into clear focus.  Suddenly, I'm not distracted by all that color and can see the textures and feelings behind and within the images.
So I started turning all the beach images into black &white, which is something I wouldn't normally do.  Living in the desert, we dream of the ocean and all it's blue-ness and the golden tones of the sand.  But for some reason, this time, I just liked it better without all those colors to distract me.
And I fell in love with the recent memories that were unfolding before me.
We started with a morning walk on the beach.  The walk was Sunny and Livy's idea.  You know those morning hours of daylight before the marine layer has burned off?  And ultimately you end up with the cuffs of your pants rolled up but still wet?  It was that perfect time of day.
(When you are forced to used jaggedy rocks to prop your camera and use the timer, you may have to be content with cutting off everyone's feet.  Still glad we have this shot!  
PS-Do NOT look at my outfit!  I DO NOT know what I was thinking!)
Then the sun came out, so we changed into our bathing suits and set up camp under our umbrella.  I watched my kiddos play in the water and dig in the sand...
...and I literally counted my blessings.
For me, these images are the perfect souvenir, a keepsake to remember a special trip.  It was such a wonderful time of just being together.  Just being together.  And the kiddos thanked us so many times along the way.  My hubby was such a dear to take so much time off work.  And we came home rejuvenated and really for the last push till summer.
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  1. These are beautiful! (Do I say that every time?) Well, they just are.

  2. Gorgeous! I just posted how sometimes there is just no other way for a picture. Black & White. These are great memories. Who needs feet? I just cut off L's feet recently in a pic and I wasn't propping my camera on jagged rocks!

  3. First time visitor...

    Love these photos. You really have some wonderful memories. I think you're so right regarding the converting of a photo to b&w. I do the same thing to a hum drum photo and am so happy with the results.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. I'm with you these shots in B&W are so timeless and beautiful!

  5. in my hunble opinion, this is a particularly great batch of post processing.

    it's a given that these shots rock, but the PP is freaking awesome.

    feeling highly jealous of these pics.

    there. i said it.

  6. Nancy these are BEAUTIFUL!! I know how you feel about the blueness of the beach and how you don't want to see the shore in b/w but the funny thing is...the beach is phenomenal in black and white! Your processing is just beautiful and I'm sure the memories are equally as incredible!!

  7. Holy macaroni. 1st of all I think I am in love with your blog. I love your photography style. Love it.

    These pictures are amazing. There is just something about black and white picture that show so much emotion.

  8. Wow...even without the pictures in color...I still feel the sunlight! Great captures and beautiful family.

  9. Those are some of the most gorgeous beach photos I have seen in a long time- wow

  10. Seriously, love the vintage, timeless look of the the b & w beach pics! The people in the them aren't too bad either! ;)

  11. What a lovely family you have! So many great shots too. I, especially, love the last one - there is such a tenderness about it!

  12. Unbelievable photos. I think the black and white focuses your eye on the love instead of the color. Beautiful!


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