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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Venice & Muscle Beach

It's far too late for me to be up.  I'm finally getting an opportunity to sift through our vacation pictures.  
We spent our first beach day at Venice Beach.  I remember my parents bringing me here as a child.  I must have had eyes the size of saucers!  My littles stared wide-eyed at the "sights," and the street performers, and there certainly were many!

Then we spread our blanket and spent a few hours getting crispy in the sun and playing in the water.  It was a perfect day.  

The children must have come up to me more than 10 times and said thank you.  

Sunny is pretty sure she wants to live in Venice, CA... soon.  She was looking for apartments.  I explained the cost of living was very high... unlike her bedroom at home.  

It was really just a perfect wonderful day... the best!  
I really could not have had asked for it to go better.  


  1. Great pictures! Glad it went so well.

  2. Oh, my mouth is watering at those french fries... and Tess's toenails, and your gorgeous eldest daughter, and the blue sky, and the brilliant sunshine, and the love between your kids that is so evident. What great shots of what must've been a great adventure.

  3. 1stly, fav photo are those sandy toes close up.

    lastly , yet more bathing suiting that I will never have the *guts* to wear! LOL

  4. Why don't those suits look like that on me?

  5. Yea, I bought that sexy little red number. Stay tunes tomorrow for the next blog post where I'll be modeling it in MANY photographs... not.

    I don't think I could get my left thigh in that thing!

  6. Looks like a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  7. still hating you.
    sorry. i know the bible warns against coveting and how it eats us alive.

    i am living proof.

    can't. stand.

    i live so far away from my home.... :(

  8. These are FABULOUS! It really looked and sounded like the best time.

  9. Patch looks great in purple! He sure is a handsome kiddo


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