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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Turning your blog into a book

I posted about this a while back, and it's one of the pages on my blog that gets the most interest.

Ever wondered how to turn you blog into a book?
And do it fast?  'Cause I barely have time to go to the bathroom these days!  (That was TMI, hu?  Sorry)
Ever want to find an excuse to stop scrapbooking?

I discovered Blog2Print and just have to pass on the good stuff in life!  They will turn your blog, or just selected parts of your blog, into a book, hard cover or soft cover, and it's pretty reasonably priced too!  Once I discovered it, my Creative Memories consultant never heard from me again!  I print one approximately once per year for our family album.  The kiddos love to look through them!  And it's fast and easy since that's the only way anything gets done around here!  Since I printed my first blog book, I've printed 2 more.  It's just that easy!

This is the book I had done last month.  It's the adoption travel journey in VietNam for Tess and Jude that I posted here on Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy 8, September-December last year.
See, here's a dedication page that is automatically added.  You add your own text and pic.
And a table of contents.
And here are a couple of random pages so you can get the idea.
Uh oh!  I've been temporarily distract by my photography assistant.
Hang on a minute while I dive into these baby blues!  They're his father's you know, and I just can't help but get lost in them!  Can I get an amen from all the brown-eyed sisters out there?
Sorry, I get easily side-tracked like that!
It doesn't take much.
And there's even a picture of your choice on the back.
AND it gets even better!
Then I recently stumbled across this coupon for Blog2Print!  And I just HAD to pass it along to y'all!
Good through March 9th, enter discount code-- readysetb2p  for 15% off your purchase.

If you want more details, check out the original post for lots more info.  

Man, I wish I was getting just a little compensation for all this free endorsement!
Do you hear me Blog2Print?  The Crazy lady in the bath robe wouldn't mind an additional 10% off!!!!
I wish Blog2Print knew I existed!
Oh well.

PS-Anyone interested in a closet full of scrap-booking supplies?  They haven't seen the light of day in a while!


  1. Thanks for the discount code. i have a few last things to add to my Anasazi series before getting it printed

  2. I know you did this just for me and I love you for it!

  3. OMGoodness, this is such a great fit for Adrian and Ping!!! Must show him this link.

  4. AMEN to the blue eyes! Being a brown eyed girl, I too get lost in my hubby's green eyes, and he passed those gorgeous greens on to #3, mmmmmm I just love them.


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