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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Liv

My sweet Livy
14 going on 35.  She came out of the womb 35.  Some souls are just like that.
We got our hair cut a couple days ago, and I heard her giving our stylist parenting advice... and she was dead on.

This is the child that used to be afraid of her own skin.  Now she's nearly fearless.
She's the one that demanded at age 3 to know where babies came from so she could assure herself that she would never get any.  Now she wants to adopt orphans.

After having 2 preemies in our family and spending time volunteering at the NICU, she's still committed to becoming a neo-natal intensive care nurse.  And I keep thinking, wow, what fortunate families and what fortunate babies.
Livy is the one who steps on my toes most often when I'm parenting.  Her feelings get hurt when I have to ask her to step back and please not parent the younger children.  She means well.

She's the one who is quickest to point out my faults... and again she's usually dead on.
She's faithful to a fault.

She's the one I butt head's with most often, but also the one I envision wiping spittle from the corner of my mouth when I'm no longer able to do it for myself.
She can dig her own hole faster than any other of my kiddos.

Lucky mama.
Thank you God for blessing me so and letting me be this child's mama.


  1. Beautiful girl, inside and out! :)
    Happy Sunday (tomorrow!) :)

  2. What a beautiful daughter you have! What a blessing she is!

  3. Lovely Sunday Snapshot! Beautiful daughter--in and out!

  4. Beautiful pics. I just started clicking on blogs and found you. So glad. You are quite a talented photog.

  5. It's all the simple things that add up to an amazing blessing!

  6. I love the tributes you do to your children. What valuable keepsakes they will be to them some day. I'd love to know if you have any specific advice to move a child away from being fearful, because my almost-3 year old is "I scared" of everything lately it seems...the vacuum, the blow dryer, monsters (even fun ones), horses, even Curious George!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful! Love the pics.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  8. Beautiful photos. She sounds like an amazing girl.

  9. Beautiful girl.... Sounds like her beauty comes from a wellspring INSIDE!

    Thanks for stopping by. And believe you me, I know what you mean about being afraid to go to the dentist office - I used to work for a dentist and had lots of experience with unhappy visits for kids. So this was a pleasant surprise for me on that level, too! But I think if you make it comfortable for them (bring them in a couple times to visit and get acquainted with the atmosphere), it goes far more successfully. What I didn't talk about is that the middle two have been to the dentist several times since Li'l E came home and when ever possible, I'd bring her along to just be there and be watching.

    Good luck! I'll be interested in hearing how it goes :)

  10. What a beauty! I have one that has VERY similar character traits. :)

  11. At the risk of sound 13...OMG what a beauty! She is gorgeous. Sounds like she's going places!...and looks like she has PLENTY of you to cheer her on!

  12. Ok, she's totally gorgeous ... you are SO in trouble. The way she connects with the camera is just stunning. Really remarkable work Nancy!

    The photo contest sounds like a ton of fun, can't wait to hear more!

  13. She is gorgeous and those eyes are mesmerizing! I feel for you when boys start a calling. :)

  14. Liv really does have a way with "talking" to the camera! What a beautiful girl and what a BEAUTIFUL soul!!!! You are right, her eyes tell a WHOLE story - one that appears to be wiser than most of us!!!

  15. I love the way you describe your beautiful children. What a way with words you have! This contest you are holding sounds great. I'll definitely check it out.

  16. Livy looks gorgeous in these. I love her eyes. And we LOVE NICU nurses. it takes a special kind of person to be as cool as a cucumber while responding to a baby who stopped breathing and then turn around and be warm and supportive to the mother who is falling apart watching her tiny one hurt.

    NICU nurses kept me alive for awhile. They were my family. Livy will be wonderful. She already has the necessary compassion for this job.


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