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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bring it on!

I adore the sound of the bat hitting the ball.
Papa was in the back yard with the boys practicing this morning.  I heard that distinctly spring sound from the kitchen... thwack... the sound of the aluminum bat against the ball.   And it filled me with joy... instantly.
Just like Pavlov's dogs.  A sound that means spring is here!
Like a moth to flame, I'm drawn to it.  And soon I found myself in sitting in the grass, watching, the sun at my back.  Listen to that sound over and over.  Watching my family.  Being blessed with the ordinary miracles.
I can do without football entirely.  (Ask me about the 2 summers I worked for the Cardinals.  Jaded me entirely.)
Basketball is fun enough, but still doesn't float my boat.
There's golf and Nascar and hockey.  Hockey in the desert is just plain silly if you ask me.
But then there's baseball!  Little league.  The minors.  T-ball.  Spring training.  The majors and the big show.  High school ball.  I love it all!
The minor league in these parts (that hosts 15 major clubs for spring training) just opened the brand spankin' new spring training facility for the AZ Diamondback and the Colorado Rockies just a few minutes down the road.  I'm beside myself trying to find a way to get to a game and sit in the lawn... at least a couple times.
Baseball is so distinctly American.  And brings about thoughts of sitting in a lawn chair with the warm sun pressing on my shoulders.  No stress.  Hot dogs with ketchup.  Grass under bare feet.  78 degrees.  Peanuts in the shell.  Memories of being a little girl watching my own papa play.  Then later cheering on my brother.
Just baseball.
Our kiddos really have few extra curricular activities, just the ones that they consistently express a desire to participate in.  And in the end, that has meant baseball for Patch and Boo.  During the season, we'll have about 4 games a week, 2 for each boy.  Many family dinners will give way to Subway sandwiches on the bleachers.
Bring on the baseball!


  1. Oh Nancy! That is how it is here (in Canada) with the sound of hockey skates cutting through the ice and the thunderous slam of a puck being shot through the air by Massive hockey players. Love it! (although my boys don't play)

  2. No spring here. We're not really good at sports here either. Bring on the Science Fair!

    Truly wonderful pictures and fun post.

  3. i too, love the sound of a ball connecting with a bat.

    i am jealous you are playing outside. it is still far too cold here.

    i love these pictures.

    wishing we were neighbors right now. (well, i kinda wish that all the time.)

  4. You sound like you enjoy baseball the way I love for the leaves to fall off of the trees and Halloween candy to be coming out - cause it means the boys of fall are around the corner :) Sorry, I love the fast pace and tackling - who doesnt love tackling?!?!

  5. I'm with ya....for me: the sound of the ball in the mitt. Back and forth ffwwth, ffwwth. Love it!


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