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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boo on growing up

It has to be done.  It's a right of passage of sorts.
There was his first tooth, and his first steps, and now this monumental first!  So of course I had to document it in photographs!
So I'm gonna point it out for the world to see.
It's the kinda thing that a crazy mama would do...
...because he's growing up and this kinda thing happens when boys are growing into young men.
So I'm gonna just do it.
Because like I said... it just has to be done!
His first PIMPLE!
See it right down there by the corner of his mouth?  Isn't it cute!
My little boy is growing up!
What's next?  Sideburns?  Girlfriends?  Driving?  Leaving his mama?
 Someone make this insanity stop!


  1. Oh my goodness! Handsome guy, pimple and all!

    I was just lamenting being 40 and still getting a pimple in that exact same place this morning!

  2. He's gonna love you for this..hahaha.

    Like when I posted a shot of my 12 year old horsing around with a bunch of hairnets after a factory tour last month...he was really pleased with me!!!


  3. Great pictures, and love how you were able to get a whole Sunday Snapshot post out of a zit. :-)

  4. You are too funny! You know PSE can take that zit right out!

  5. You are so right, it must be documented!

  6. Now, truth... did you tell him you were taking photos of his first zit? :-D

  7. Of course not, Marci! Wouldn't be a right-of-passage if I would have told him!
    I'm so sneaky!


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