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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The winds of change are a blowin'

There are times in life when change is hard.  
And there are times in life when something's just gotta give or things are gonna explode.  
This is such a time.

The winds of change are a blowin!

Papa has a new job!
Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say Papa has another job.  He'll be working 2 jobs for a while, until we figure out if this new business opportunity is a good match for our family.
Papa is completely overwhelmed and busy and exhausted and giddy and excited and full of purpose and hope!  And there's nothing quite like seeing your man so excited and driven with a purpose that he believes in with all his heart!  Especially after I've watched him struggle so hard to provide.

After several years of trying to keep ourselves afloat, directly related to the down turn of the economy, we have hope!

Let there be light!


  1. That is exciting to hear. I do hope this 2nd job works out for Tim and your family. Rick and I have a similar struggle. He works for himself, so if he is not counseling, he is not earning money. It hits him so hard. I never realized the impact it had on him until this past year. Enough of my ramblings, good luck!!!

  2. That is good news! I hope it works out for you!!

  3. Praise God for providing this opportunity, hoping it all works out.

  4. i was thinking about Papa's new venture while i was at work today. what a coincidence.

  5. Sounds like your man is happy!

    It is always so important to have hope and a purpose.

    I pray God's blessings on all your husband efforts!


  6. Ahh-change, we know nothing about that around our house right now :o) I am so excited for this venture for you all. Praise God for always opening new doors for us to try.


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