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Saturday, February 19, 2011

this weekend finds me...

working on potty training... for my 6th little one.

seriously wanting to live here for a couple of years.

wondering how many more miles my car can take before it vaporizes.

truly appreciating a connected family that loves one another despite our shortcoming and failures.

cleaning up the aftermath of an absconded box of potato flakes.

is sure that the house is getting away from me and thinks a therapy episode of Hoarders might be necessary.  

really wanting to buy this for T&J but totally can not justify the cost.

thinking that a LOT of sewing may be called for this summer!

wanting to go fabric shopping NOW.

wondering how that laundry detergent got in the sink... again.

not sure how the upcoming vacation to the beach is going to happen.

pretty sure that 11:32am is too late to be wearing jammies.

is going to take a break from blogging and go get dressed now.

laughing at this, and thinking this family looks SO young.

missing snow days and snow angles and snowmen and snowball fights.

envious of all of you buried in all that snow for weeks on end.

enjoying watching the storm roll in although it promises no snow for those who live in the desert.

again, finding our house phone being cooked in the microwave.

thinking that a preacher's wife can be a bit naughty, and that's good thing.

wanting to go out to dinner with these incredible parents without appearing to be a stalker.

saying goodbye to someone i really liked this morning.

contemplating foster care and wondering if I really could "let go" of a child again... and again... and again.

getting very sad angry sad angry sad angry sad angry sad when adults hurt children.

pretty sure that I married the most wonderful man in the wide world.

watching Little House on the Prairie with my kiddos.

re-reading this post and this one and realizing these days are just around the corner.

wondering if cucumber slices really reduces swollen eyes from crying.

surprised that I am really enjoying parenting teenagers.

a little scared that we will have 3 teenagers under our roof shortly.

making green chili chicken casserole for dinner.

hoping that I have a chance to go to the Vietnamese market this weekend.

working on a macro-photo project for water drops this weekend.

thinking it's ok to steal ideas for blog posts.
sure that God has abundantly blessed me, and I am the luckiest mama in the world!


  1. Sounds like a busy/emotional/thinking/loving kind of day. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the way dream is written on your picture almost as if it is written in steam on a mirror and the texture usage is really cool. How did you do the writing?

    Also,when you have time, what made you regret not having a DSLR vs. a great point and shoot in Vietnam? What did the point and shoot lack? We are looking at new cameras and don't know which way to go. Thanks.

  2. How do you make the green chili and chick casserole? Love the swagger wagon!!!Rick is still driving my first Toyota a 1994 Tercell - well over 200,000. I am driving a Camery, 120,000. I am guessing it will be Dessa's first car. 11:32 am, jammies - fine. The post about Sunny, made me cry.

  3. Melissa-
    layer in two layers in 9x13 dish
    corn tortillas about 6 per layer
    shredded cooked chicken breasts
    jack cheese
    canned green chilies
    green enchilada sauce

    top with 6 more tortillas and more jack cheese

    cover and bake at 350 for 40 minutes. uncover lat 5 min to get a bubble brown top.

  4. Cedar- re the pic---I think I just turned down the opacity of the font layer. I think.
    re the camera-there is just SO much more you can do with a DSLR. IF you are willing to invest all the time and money required to learn a DSLR and different lenses (and get it off the auto mode) the GO FOR IT! But if you are going to keep your DSLR on auto and prefer easy, I would recommend buying a higher end point-and-shoot camera, and you'll have more options (better zoom...)

  5. i am so glad i am not the only one who kicks herself in the butt with a humbling episode of hoarders.

  6. i am so glad i am not the only one who kicks herself in the butt with a humbling episode of hoarders.


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