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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunny's 1st job

Meet the second leading bread winner in our family...
... and it's SO not me!

{Livy would be 3rd with her babysitting jobs, and Patch sells oranges when there in season at the curb making him the 4th bread winner.  Boo has been caught selling rocks door-to-door with the neighbor boy when he's up to no good, ranking him the 5th leading bread winner of our family... and that places me 6th... pathetic.}
Sunny, my oldest child, my baby, has her first job!
Well, it's not exactly her first job.  It's kinda more like her 3rd, but some unfortunate circumstances made it obvious that the first 2 really weren't a good fit, so let's just skip all the unfortunate details and consider this her first real job!
And let's also say that she is now a bonafied expert in frozen yogurt's shops!
She is especially loving this new freedom of hers.  She's learning to manage her time, balancing a job with homework and freetime.  She's learning to take direction from someone other than her parents and teachers, and of course there's other personalities to work with.  And then there's the freedom to make her own money and spend it as she likes.  Saving some, (which is required by us) buying gasoline for her car, and being extravagant at times.
{My disclaimer... all these pics were taken at night with a very high ISO.  And if that weren't bad enough add florescent lighting and lots of cherry red to tint everything an un-natural hue of pink!  Not easy.)
We are especially loving the time she blew a tire on her car, and we let her pay for a new one.  It's important to know the value of things, right?
I think she buys too many Starbucks.  But I'm a mom after all, so I can't approve of everything.
While my family was here visiting for Tết, we went to bug and embarrass visit her one night.
And we did exactly that!
That's one of the best part about having teenagers after all!
I have NO idea who this crazy lady is!  She just snuck in and demanded her photo be taken!  Crazy I know!
Boo is simply in heaven everytime we visit!  So so many choices of what to put on his yogurt... chocolate chips, vanilla chips, ghram crackers, syrup, brownies, cookies, gum drops, candy bars, sprinkles, gummy worms, marshmallows, candied pecan, fresh raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, mangoes, an assortment of nuts...
I know full well this is just one of many little steps my little girl is taking till she leaves my nest.  
Let's just pretend that part isn't coming.  
The bubble o'denial is bliss!


  1. Is that a do it yourself frozen yogurt shop? Looks amazing!

  2. Sounds like a perfect job for a girlie with lots of little brothers and sisters! I am sure they are LOVING all the frozen yogurt! It's such a double edged sword....being so proud of them growing up and making good choices.....and all leads to them heading out on their own....we give them wings to fly..and then when they do... we wish we hadn't....

    PS...LOVE your of my very faves!

  3. Rebecca-yes, it's a do-it-yourself yogurt shop. Really all Sunny does is hand out samples and weigh the contents. It's heaven! These kind of shops are popping up ALL OVER this neck of the woods in the last couple years. Are they in the rest of the US? I just assumed they were.

  4. Oh. I can hardly imagine the day when my oldest, my baby, gets her first job that she loves. Yet I know that day will be here before I know it...
    Love the photos, they made me hungry for a midnight snack!

  5. How did you get your teenager to get a job anyway? I still haven't figured that one out.

    Looks like you all had a great time!


  6. Mia's dream job.....since they are popping up on every corner, we end up going to one or another all the time!

  7. Love it!! Gotta visit your kiddo at work!!! My 17 year old just started his 1st job (well, 2nd but like you - we will call it his first) I'm waiting for him to get some time in before we go bug (support) him at work! :) But ours wont be as fun! He works at a soccer store. I'd rather go for frozen yogurt!

  8. Fun!!! My oldest has been working since she was 15 but not anyplace where visiting is "fun." (She was at a veterinary diagnostics lab and now works for a vet) I wish we had a yogurt place like that around here!

  9. Can we be adopted by your family, please?


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