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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rest and Sunday Dinner

Sunday is a day we set aside.
A day to rest and be with family.
Rest?  Well with 6 kiddos and a busy home... let's use the term "rest" loosely.  No business calls, church, games, lots of family activities and such.
Since about the time Sunny was born, almost 18 years ago... {yikes!} my in-laws have had us over for dinner on Sundays.  Not every Sunday but a lot of them.  To be more accurate, it's more like supper since it is usually a mid-day meal around 1 in the afternoon.
Papa's parents and both his siblings live right here in the same city, probably all within a 20 minute drive of each other.  And we're a prolific bunch and my sister-in-laws had babies too!  And as more and more babies were born, Sunday dinners have gotten bigger and bigger!  With more food.  And more little girl squeals.  More laughter.  More toddlers toddling.  And more noise of course!  
Complete with "boy-table" since we've now outgrown the dining table.
This was Papa's sister's idea from many years ago.  They are simple rocks with each person's name written on them, (I think with one of those paint pens.) First off they are really pretty place holders!  But it's also really easy to add extras over the years!  And not breakable for those pesky toddlers!  I've always loved these rocks!
Here are all the grandbabies from Papa's side of the family, 12 in all from 3 siblings- teens, tweens, rough-and-tumble boys,  toddlers and babies.  Ages 17-5 months.
"The men" have an opportunity to talk things over amidst wrangling a baby or two.
Sunday dinner this week was just after a storm left the desert.
I know some of you think the desert is all prickly and dry and all.  But isn't it gorgeous?  (The golf course and view don't hurt none!)
And when there's extended family in town, this time it was beloved cousins Catie and Hani from southern CA who drove over just for the weekend, (lucky us!) it's even more special!  
(I'm sure they are truly appreciating peaceful quiet since Sunday dinner.)
Really, my mother-in-law is a angel and a saint of a woman!  I am a very very lucky gal! 
(And yes, their kitchen and home is just gorgeous!)
Papa and I have always wanted to try out living somewhere other than our beloved Arizona.  I just don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.  Lucky us!
Do you "rest" on Sunday?


  1. That was beautiful! Love all the pics and those rocks are so neat.

  2. Beautiful family photos! What a great day spent with family!

  3. LOVE this post!!! Every picture is perfect, but that last one??? Oh my gosh!

  4. Love this entry! Not just because I made the blog, but because it captures how much fun we had that day and how much love there is in the family. Such beautiful pictures, as always. Miss you and hope to see you guys again soon!


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