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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fostercare training 101-thoughts of the week

  • Papa and I are half way through our foster classes, 5 out of 10 classes done {3-hours each}  We're again gathering masses of paperwork, which isn't that hard seeing as how we're old pro's at compiling an adoption dossier and much of the paperwork is the same.  2 of the 5 required interviews are complete.
  • Our case worker said she's never had a foster family report that a child placement is actually better or easier than they thought it would be.  Hmmmm.  Never?
  • Families are dropping out of our training class a little at a time, but ever so consistently.  I think this is good.  I'd rather have them make the decision not to foster now than after a child is already placed in their home.  
  • Not only is the process of becoming a licensed foster care family free, but if you do end up adopting a child, the state will reimburse you any expenses you encountered along the way, (legal fees for the actual adoption & fingerprinting fees for example) but will also continue to provide ACCESS health care, even after the adoption is finalized.
  • Funds available for a foster child also include, monies for things like sports uniforms and fees, tickets to amusements park, {like Disneyland} and food reimbursement for your foster child during family vacations, and summer camp.
  • No one gets rich off being a foster parent.  In the initial months, most foster families won't even break even, spending extra out-of-pocket expenses.  
  • The foster system has evidently changed in the last several years, making much needed changes to reduce the number of times a foster child changes families and shrinking the total amount of time a child remains in foster care.
  • After this weekend's occurrences, I'm wondering how my heart will handle saying goodbye to a child... again and again and again.
  • After birth families, foster families are always given first choice to adopt a child that is currently in their care.  This is provided that all options to return a child to their birth parents and any bio family have been exhausted.  
  • In the state of Arizona, you can not simultaneously pursue foster care and fostering to adopt.  Foster families must choose a single path.  
  • Even Superman had foster parents.  Yes, I know he's a fictional character.  still.  
  • A young child is more likely to die of child abuse or neglect in the Phoenix metro area than any other area in the nation.  
  • Not all families should adopt.
  • Not all families should foster. 


  1. I will pray for you as you continue your classes. Any child would be blessed to be in your family even temporarily as a foster kid. You would be an awesome, compassionate foster mom, but only you know what level of pain you can bear and what is best for your family overall. So praying for you and your husband as you continue to learn.

  2. I feel pulled toward foster care one day. Our family isn't ready yet,but I hope the time will come when we can do it. In the meantime, we just began providing care for a new baby whose young, single mom needs to work. There are so many ways to minister to the fatherless if we open our hearts and our eyes.

    I am excited to watch your journey!



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