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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An exercise in futility

Pointers for simultaneously capturing two busy-body and often uncooperative 3 year olds in the same photograph-

1.  "Say cheese" rarely gets you a natural smile and makes for unnatural looking subjects.
2.  Be sure to keep your subject's interest so they look at the camera.
3.  Enthusiastic hugging can often lead to...
4.  Don't make boring or stupid commentaries on Obama health care reform or current civil unrest in Egypt... like I obviously did on this photograph.  
(PS-Tess thinks the Obama health care reform is really funny stuff, especially since we were just denied coverage of Jude's feet... but I guess that is a whole 'nother post... but I really don't want to go into politics on this blog... but this might explain Jude's very angry serious expression... but now I'm REALLY bunny-trailing!)
5.  Tent revival reenactments also make for awkward looking subjects.
6.  Be sure to bring cootie-spray for uncooperative little boys.
7.  Do have siblings kiss on the cheek to avoid awkward brother-sister moments.
Maybe noses or chins.
Or noses and chins.
8.  When all else fails, focus on something that doesn't require a smile
9.  Don't insist on perfection.
Pretty stinkin' cute if I don't say so myself!  
Am I a lucky mama or what?!


  1. Funny...
    and ADORABLE :)
    Thanks for the chuckle this morning, Nancy!

  2. Aw super-cute Nancy, love these! They would look great as a b&w series framed on the wall!! You have FANTASTIC focus on these, BTW - they are perfectly crisp and clear!

  3. Tent revival pic. had me laughing and I am still laughing.
    What a bunch of cuties !!!

  4. Sweet!!! Thank you for letting me "join" you for lunch. I really didn't want to write the IEP while eating my tuna sandwich.

  5. I cannot decide which one I like the best. You are one lucky mama.

  6. Each and every one of these are perfect in their own I say keep doing all of those don'ts!

  7. Your captions are hysterical. DON'T get me started on healthcare :o)


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