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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới-Part II

To celebrate the Vietnamese New Year holiday, we hosted an open house this weekend.  Saturday, we invited our friends and family to our home to celebrate the new year of the cat.
It was a pretty simple celebration, focusing on gathering with those we love and lots of yummy Vietnamese food served all day long!
Sunny volunteered to be the teacher to anyone who wanted to learn how to make spring rolls!  Guests gathered around our kitchen island and she gave little lessons all afternoon.  YUM!
Tess ate 3 of them!  Even if they were a mess!

I let our kiddos determine the menu eariler that week.  We had Phở, Gỏi CuốnGoi Ga, and Bánh mì.  
All of the recipes are located in If Martha Made Vietnamese above.   
Some of our guests came with experience of Vietnamese cuisine.
Others were daring and tried some things that may not have otherwise.
And because we are a family blending cultures, of course we had Grammy's world famous carrot cake for desert!  There wasn't any left by the time it was over.
Of course family gatherings mean the newest fuzzy headed baby.  Anyone remember this little guy from last September when he was only 48 hours old?  He's growing up to be so cute and plump!
And lots of time with grandparents of course!
This was our 3nd Annual Tet celebration, but the first we have opened up to our extended family and friends.
We has so so much fun sharing wonderful food (if I don't say so myself!) and really just being together.  
I think it will be an annual tradition to have an open house every year!


  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer to you!! :) That looks so fun!

  2. This looks like SO much fun Nancy! I want to start a CNY celebration tradition next year after Brooklynn is home - I can't wait!

    Great pics as usual!


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