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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's in a name?

Going back to the Q&A in the side bar

What are your older kids real names and why are they not posted like the babies?

Let me first say I love y'all like you were my sister!  Really I do!  (And my one and only sister is in Japan for the next 3 years, half-way across the world, and I miss her!)  Nothing is more validating to a blogging soccer-mom self esteem than cyber-bloggie followers!  It's sad but true!  Just ask any blogger what it feels like to get a comment.  When I'm low, I think to myself... self, you have blog stalkers.  And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Ironically, just like a one gallon container of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and a spoon makes me feel!

That being said, I'm not going to stick my head in the sand about the realities of the cyber world.   And Papa and I have decided not to include any of our family's real names on the blog. None.
Sorry, none of our names are the real ones, including the babes.

Now some of the blog names we use are nicknames we use daily in our home.  Some are close to nicknames we use or ones we used when they were babies.  Some are completely made up from thin air.  But none are our actual names.  And if you know us personally, you know what our real names are and which ones are used and which are close and which are not.  And if you're one of my cyber friends, (you know who you are!) and it really bugs you not to know, feel free to send me a note, and I'll divulge the boring reality of our names.  I'm just not comfortable putting out there on the blog.

Micro-phone tapping...

Anyone still there?

crickets chirping

Really, blogs are so self absorbed!


  1. Sweet, this was my question. I am so glad you answered! I understand, right down to the blogger comments making you feel warm and fuzzy. I do, however, share our real names on my blog though. Thanks for answering!

  2. You seriously crack me up. Count me as a one of your blog groupies.


  3. Well now I feel this strong need to know! : )

  4. It's so funny to me that Tess and Jude aren't their real names since I love both! It never would have even dawned on me to ask this question =).

  5. i think the funniest thing about this name thing (for me) is i didn't even realize. i never questioned a name you had here, and i never thought about how you have a different name on facebook. i am not the sharpest these days, apparently.

  6. I miss you too :) I don't know how I miss so many blogs, but a few weeks go by and then I spend hours reading when I should be doing homework...Miss you, the husband , and the kids.


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