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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {We've been waiting all winter for fall!}

The Arizona desert is a funny thing sometimes.  
In the desert, some seasons go by in a blink of an eye, and sometimes they never come at all!
This means that every year we have to wait for winter to have fall!
Notice the green grass, the shorts, the bare feet, the fallen leaves.  Yet Livy has on boots and a sweater because if she doesn't wear them now, she'll never get too.  And frequently boot wearers in the desert have to take them off so their feet don't sweat!
This is January, and yes, this is what the only 3 days of "fall" look like in our front yard this year.
It's all very confusing!
Especially to those of you who have been shoveling and blowing snow almost daily for the last month!
Here in the desert, fall usually comes all of a sudden on an unannounced day in January, after a particularly cold night, about 31 degrees-ish.   Then the one or two deciduous trees in the neighborhood spend the next two days in a fury of leaf dropping.  
Sadly fall never lasts more than 6 days, because the landscapers come on Fridays and take away all the leaves.  
Thankfully we have a big ash tree in our front yard, or we'd hardly recognize fall at all!
So when the 2-3 days of fall do occur, we have to make time to enjoy it... quickly!
This boy with his crooked glasses and sweet little smirk makes want to squeeze all the stuffin' out of him!

And could someone PLEASE tell this young lady to STOP growing up!
I simply won't allow it!
I've put my foot down!
Yet, she insists!
This little man makes me smile so hard my face is starting to hurt!
Happy Autumn to all my bloggie-friends!  Or is it fall?   Or winter?   Sheesh!  Now it's practically spring!
Oh, never mind.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. triing not to hate you right now *sigh*

    ~Kidding! lol

  2. Roberta- Ya, I aware that this is cruel to many, but we have to endure the summer so in the end it all balances out!

  3. Oh my goodness. I can't believe it : ) That is crazy talk. We have mounds and mounds of snow and they are calling for MORE on Tuesday night... Oh no!

    Your little leaf players are so cute though. Oh my. Total sweetness!

  4. So do the trees shed ALL of their leaves, or just some? When do they grow back? This is all so interesting!

  5. Snowball fights is over rated! Love the throwing of leaves though!!! Love all your leaf/child shots!! Beautiful! You captured this short time beautifully!

  6. Lol.....It doesn't matter WHAT season it is with all those great pictures of those great looking kids!! I would take it ANYDAY ;) we had a five minute, let's hop out of the warm car and take some quick pics, photo shoot the other day! And you can tell we were freezing ;)

    Maybe we should venture down to the desert. I know my beloved Colorado Springs had SEVENTIES last week!! SEVENTIES! Not even jealous one bit, nope. I'm so over it.


  7. Sharon- There are very few deciduous trees 'round these parts so the leaf dropping largely goes unnoticed. But they usually drop ALL their leave quickly in January, and by Feb they are budding out again. So the trees aren't naked long.
    Football & Fried Rice-Come on down! Tourism is high in the dead of winter for just these reasons. Would love to meet up!

  8. Wow, I had no idea the weather was so whacky by you, Nancy! You did a wonderful job capturing "fall" with your kiddos... even if it only lasts 3 days ;)
    Gorgeous shots!!

  9. You really know how to hurt a guy, don't you!??? I forgot what short sleeves and colors in nature (other than gray, brown (as in sand on the roads), and white look like.

    That picture of Livvy is phenomenal. Perfect.

  10. LOVE these pictures!
    We live in Prescott! My parents are in Phoenix and we get to see the beautiful Phoenix winters often. You captured it so well! We're supposed to get snow up here tomorrow. So, that might mean that rain will be visiting you guys ;)

  11. I always enjoy your wonderful photography, now I have your weather to be envious of as well!

  12. That crazy weather is a little too much for me to take in! Still, its been nothing but COLD here for the past few months so I'd gladly welcome some Autumn right about now! Nancy, I must admit, I am slightly envious of your photographic talent - your pictures are breathtaking.

  13. Nancy, I have to admit ... feeling a bit jealous right now!! I think we have more ICE coming tonight? In all honesty though, I enjoy the couple months of fall that we get ... it's my favorite time for portraits :-)

    You have done some really phenomenal work on these portraits of your kiddos - I love the fall "look" and really enjoy all of the fun angles :-) Your kiddos are seriously SO precious!

  14. Love all the great "Fall" shots! I so wish we were having fall here or spring or anything that didn't involve anymore snow or ice! :)

  15. I love your pictures. Thank you so much for the opportunity to peek though your window and see your amazing family. I feel blessed knowing you.

  16. Those pics were so cute! So weird how you only have a few days of fall though. YOu can have some of my snow though! I am expected to have an icey blizzard this week and dreading it bad!!

  17. love these fall pictures in the middle of winter. :)

    kind a confusing, but nonetheless interesting!

    love the pics....your kids are beautiful...


  18. Oh, I so know this. Growing in up California our winters were even milder and the ornamental pear trees were always red and dropping leaves in January along with the last roses! Here in Austin it happens in three days in November and then - boom - winter hits. We get another 3 days of spring sometime in March and then it's summer - wheee!


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