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Saturday, January 15, 2011

more Jude in orange

Because it was kinda crazy wompus in the house that day,
Because I had a new lens from Christmas that I haven't had the opportunity to play around with yet,
Because orange is grossly under-rated,
And because he's really just so stinkin' cute,
I took Jude out for a quicky photo shoot.
Pretty much 90% of the pictures were taken within the first 3 minutes as he played with cars.
Boys and cars, aren't they adorable with all those car sounds they make and crashes they have to have?!
Then we walked around the desert garden and looked at the cacti and remembered to stay on the path so we didn't get any stickers.
Stacking rocks is always fun!
Did you know he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating on something really hard... like walking.
2 surgeries, so much casting, a relapse, he's still wearing his brace 12 hours a day, but walking will never really be a big deal for Jude anymore.
Thank you, God, for the opportunity to be this boy's mama!

And by the way, matching shoes are also over rated.
Lucky mama.
Happy Sunday, y'all!

PS-I gave this boy a hair cut the next day, lest you think I didn't notice how long and unkempt his hair was getting.


  1. YES! Positively adorable!! Love that boy in orange :)

  2. I so love orange! These are really sweet, Mama.

  3. These shots of your son are gorgeous! You must be thrilled with them! And you are *SO* right - orange is very underrated!

  4. Orange was my mom's favorite color and with these shots I can see why.

  5. So adorable!! LOve it, especially that last pic!

  6. What a sweet boy!!! Ya know Michael Jordan sticks his tongue out too! Jude is adorable!!

  7. Oh my goodness he is SO cute. HOLY COW SWEET! : )
    Orange is my sons favorite color.
    What was your new lens? Not a 50? I am so bad at guessing. Maybe an 85? I am intrigued. Love your pictures!

  8. My dad sticks his tongue out when we concentrates too. It must be genetic.

  9. You know what? Orange has always been my favorite color. I just love it :) Your son is just so cute! I noticed the shoes right away. My daughter does the same thing with her socks, shoes whatever! It drives my mother and older woman at the grocery store crazy! :)

    Love, Love, Love your blog! It's just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your pictures. . . WOW!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love Jude in orange! Just pricelss pictures!!

    Sherry from Our Five Chinasprouts

  11. This is Ginny from 4uruthie. Thanks for the comment. When I saw your images earlier this morning, I assumed you shot with something like the 5D because they look so good and crisp. Do you mind leaving me a comment and telling me what camera and lens you use. I am just curious. I am reading a 900 page book on my 5D right now and maybe when I am done I can take pictures as good as yours. Love the colors too.

  12. Well orange never looked so good!!!! Hehe! You are right, he is really stinkin cute and your pics rock:)

  13. Yep, adorable as ever! And I think I've told you that I'm 99% sure Jude will be my little one's name.....well, I know now that your Jude isn't really a Jude...but thought I'd share anyway :)

  14. Beautiful color on a beautiful boy!

  15. What lens???? These really came out gorgeous. Everything about them is perfect, right down to the shoes...hehehe.

  16. Listen, that lens is incredible, no wait, that boy is even more incredible! Beautiful shots. Wow.


  17. What a cutie-pie!!!

    Love the orange.
    Love the mismatched shoes. :)

  18. Wow he is ADORABLE and Orange is definitely underrated! ;)


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