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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jude Turning Japanese

One of my many goals for the new year, (in addition to looking like I'm a super model and stop popping banana bread muffins like their Tic Tacs) was to learn how to upload videos.

This took me nearly all day to do and would simply have been impossible if it weren't for my 14 year old.  I've reached the age when my children really do much more about somethings than I do.  That fact is a little upsetting.  

And apparently this little boy knows FAR more about jamming out on a guitar than I do!  
Mind you, no one in our family plays guitar.  
Or attends rock concerts.  
Or watches rock concerts on TV. 
Or participates in stage diving.  

So how he knows what these things are and how to do them is beyond me. 

But it was the best $20 Xmas present, even though we haven't heard anything but the demo mode yet!

Happy 2011 all!  Hope this starts off your year with a wee smile!


  1. Ha! I love your new year's goals! i laughed out loud about the tic tacs! our kids LOVE their guitars too! i can't wait to read more of your journey! our first son is guatemalan! and we are praying and hoping to adopt again this year!

  2. I can't stop smiling at Jude's smile! :) And now I demand a video of Tess on her guitar!

  3. I can't stop smiling at Jude's smile! :) And now I demand a video of Tess on her guitar!

  4. Too cute!!! Love Jude's moves!!! Adorable!!

  5. Just another jewel in the photo/video file from the Crazy 8. He is joyous, adorable and very talented.

  6. I love it !!! Jude is the cutest little rockin' boy and I loved his great big smile through out the whole "show". He was having so much fun, wasn't he ? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my gosh.. how ADORABLE!! I see some hard core rockin' in his future :)

  8. What a cutie, too adorable!

    Oh and I see we have set the same goals for 2011, ha!

  9. I'd buy tickets to his concert! Any upcoming performances in NJ?


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