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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the way to the CCAA... {part II}

Ok, I know an explanation is in order.
Yes, that's an adoption dossier, our adoption dossier.  Headed to the CCAA, that would be the China Central Authority Agency for international adoption.  It's a dossier for an unspecified special need's child, boy or girl, age 0-6.

Way back in what seems forever ago, Papa really felt God pulling us to walk the special needs adoption path again.  We knew financially the timing wasn't ideal, 'cause heck, money was tight!  But sometimes God whispers in your soul, and other times God yells in your ear while simultaneously bonking you over the head with a stick.  And in this instance, God was rather insistent with His desire.  Not that it was that hard of an argument to win.  I want another child.  We want another child.  I know that the idea of a 7th child is just crazy to a lot of folks, but I've always craved that hustle and bustle and buzz that a large family produces.  A large family is like a little community all in itself, and I've wanted that from as far back as I can remember.

But simply wanting it can't make it so.
God would have to orchestrate some financial miracles to make another adoption happen.  But off we went, following His directions, and started the daunting task of gathering and submitting a dossier to adopt a special need's child from China.

We committed that not a single penny would come out of our already tight household budget.  And amazingly, (but not really) the money necessary to submit a dossier, came from some very unexpected and amazing places. And off the dossier now travels to China.  Anyone familiar with the process of international adoption knows that the process of gathering an international adoption dossier is a humongous, immensely time consuming, and mind-boggling task.

But that's it.
There is no more.
There our dossier sits.
Probably gathering dust.

This adoption is not happening.
At least it isn't happening now.
I don't know what lies at the end of this path.  A child?  Or maybe not.

I'm not sure why God had us walk down this path only to have us stop far from the objective.  I don't have the answer for that.  Our dossier can sit in China for years waiting for us.  Maybe someday God will provide the money necessary to unite another orphan with our family.  And maybe not.


  1. Nancy, am I understanding this correctly that your dossier has been submited to CCAA already. But You don't have the funds to proceed if you should get a proposal? I don't mean to pry, and mabie it's the Pain pills I'm on.....I'm just triing to understand?


  2. I'd guess He will. Just my two cents... :o)

  3. I am catching up on blogs...I loved seeing the latest pictures of your kiddos. Do you have a dossier submitted right now for China? I would love to know how to specifically pray for you all.

    Take care and rest in the Lord.

  4. Slightly confused, but I think I should be congratulating you, right? Well congrats on getting your dossier off to the CCAA! Best wishes for the rest of your journey.


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