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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just in case you were wondering if they are REALLY brother and sister...

Jude and I were watching Sesame Street early Saturday morning.  Is was a quiet morning, just the two of us.  There was a adorable little piece about friendship and a sweet little song to go with it.  "A friend is a person you'd share you last cookie with."  An adorable African American boy and his friend, a blond-haired little girl in pig tails.
The two friends on Sesame Street hugged and played together.
They smiled.
They pushed one another on the swing.
Is was all very touching.

I wondered if my boy had friends like this.  Maybe he had friends at school to laugh with and share his last cookie with.
Just as it was over, I asked my sweet boy, Jude do you have a friend?

I don't like Tessy.
His voice was low and surly.  He replied so quickly, never taking his eyes off the television.

I probably heard him wrong.

I don't like Tessy.  
He was serious.  Again.  And back to watching Sesame Street matter of factly.
Sounds like a pretty normal brother-sister relationship to me.
But sounds like something we might want to work on a little!

Yes, they really are brother and sister.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Love those colors! I don't like sharing my cookies with anyone.

  2. Oh goodness. Yup, sounds like a pretty normal brother and sister to me!

    (and your snapshots are amazing, as usual. The colors are so striking!)

  3. is it wrong all i can think about in this post is where the heck did you get that blue wall?

    that monkey boy post is darling by the way. what a great moment to capture.

  4. Maybe he was just concerned that he might be called upon to share his cookie. Too funny, though!

  5. funny little coincidence. one of the "you might also like" posts that popped up is the one from up at the cabin when they ran around holding hands pretty much PROVING they are very much brother and sister.


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