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Friday, January 7, 2011

10 steps & monkey boy

1.  One of my children had a tough time doing homework yesterday.

2.  So he ran away.

3.  To the front yard... up a tree.
4.  High.
5.  He's actually a monkey you know.
6.  He took a phone, not a cell phone, because I think 12 years old it too young for this boy to have a cell phone.  So he took the house phone, and we had a conference call.  But he still would not come down.
7.  I did what any good mama would do.  I called his father and asked him to come deal with it.
8.  So Papa had to talk him down... down the tree... literally.
9.  While I took pictures.
10. Then he came in and finished homework.

Mama 1 -  Patch 0


  1. he held my shoe hostage in that tree one time.

  2. I think I should get credit for atleast an assist. After all I was needed to get him to finally jump out of the tree. I love that little boy and all the strings that he loves to pull.

  3. ps. sorry about your shoe Oak Running Bear.

  4. *grin* I ran away to the front yard when I was three. I brought a suitcase and everything. Too bad I wasn't older at the time... a tree is so much more dramatic.

  5. Yikes. I too have a monkey, but sadly for him/fortunately for me, we have no such trees in our yard.

  6. This cracks me up because this precious one reminds me of our PT in so many ways-in fact his favorite animal is a monkey, probably because of the similarities and the fact that he thinks he can swing from tree to tree(hence last years cast!). That tree is mighty tall, where's the safety net?


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