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Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in a name?

For Staci-  I'm sure you're wheels are turning already, but you'll be needing 2 more of these, right?  Lucky girl!

Names.  This weekend I filled out our census form.  I proudly wrote down all 8 of our names.  10 years ago when I filled out the last census form, there were only 5 names.  It made me think about all the census information I'd been looking at recently, tracing back our ancestry.  You see, I've been determined to put in writing all the names and dates of both Papa's and my family for the kiddos to have in one place.  I did not intend to start a linage project that stretched back centuries.  I just wanted to get it all written down in one place.  However, I quickly found myself consumed and distracted... wondering about these names and all the people... my people.  A few of these folks, I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing and loving.  But so so many others were just names, and this forever-lost information has my head swirling.  Who were these people?  What were their families like?

In the end, if you're lucky, all you get is names and dates.  Maybe a picture.

The names consumed me.

How did she do it with 17 children?  What was it like to bury a husband while carrying his baby?  How can you bury not one child but several and still carry on?  Did he marry again so quickly just to have someone to take care of those kiddos?  Is that wrong?  Who woulda thunk I had SO many generations of ancestors in North Carolina?  Under what circumstances would a 15 year old girl be boarding a room in a family home?  What does a woman think as she weds her 2nd husband in just as many years?  What is it like to reflect back on a life of nearly a century?

These lonesome dates and names swirled together, and my imagination wanted so deperately to fill in the voids.

Some of my kiddo's names are family names and some are not.  Sunny's middle name, Kathleen, is similar and reminds us of Papa's mom's middle name, Kathreen.  Livy's middle name, Rose, is also a dear sweet family friend.  Patch and Boo and the 3rd generation of brothers with their first names.  Both Jujube and Tess have middle names that are both of our grandparent's middle names, David and Elizabeth.  Over time and now with the passing of all of my grandparents, I've come to appreciate family names so very much.

The following are first and middle names that I ran across while doing my ancestry search.  I so wish I had this list when I was naming my own children.  Hmmmmmmm...
  • Elizabeth
  • Benjamin
  • Peter
  • David
  • Patrick
  • Dennis
  • Harper
  • Caroline
  • Queenie
  • Winniefred
  • Emogine
  • Gaynell
  • Amyas (female-not sure how to pronounce that one!)
  • Patience
  • Shadrach (2 of 'em!  Gotta love me some Shadrach's!  I'm really really liking this name and it's biblical reference.)
  • Belle (1800's)
  • Fanny
  • Sarah Jane Jennie (Can't you just imagine that she was always happy?)
  • Callie Bird
  • Eula Mae
  • Tennessee Hill (born in Tennessee of course)
  • Fannie Missouri (1800's born not in Missouri but in Illinois)
  • Laura Kansas  (Also NOT born in Kansas but born in Nth Carolina.  Do you just love the state names?  I wonder why they didn't do this for the boys?)
  • Martha Patsy
  • Mary Mercy
  • March
  • June
  • August
  • Myles
  • Marguite
  • Margarita
  • Mercedes
  • Maggie
  • Mattie
  • Hattie
  • Harriette
  • Rhonda
  • Charlotta
  • Orinda
  • Bethena
  • Bedilia
  • Delilah
  • Delia
  • Lenna
  • Lousia
  • Clarissa
  • Lula
  • Moses (many more than I would have guessed)
  • Horace
  • Jincy
  • Greenwood
  • Guy
  • Gideon
  • Jane Grey (from NC not ENGland)
  • Johanna, Johannes and Johanns (many more then I wanted count!)
  • Josephine
  • Jonas
  • John Pott (6 continuous generations)
  • Absolom
  • Valentine
  • Hannah Goode (born mid 1600's in Pennsylvania--how sterotypical?!)
  • Ebenezer (many many more than I would've thunk)
  • Otwell
  • Leonhardt
  • & 3 brothers named George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin

Not that I have a child to name, but what do you think of...
  • Shadrach Leonhardt for a boy?
  • or Lula Valentine for a girl?
So many possibilities!  

I knew that my own given name, Nancy, was a family name.  It is my mother's name as well.  But I was totally unaware that it had been passed down from mother to daughter uninterrupted for at least 7 generations!  I lose the trail after 7 generations so it could be even more, but so far the line of Nancy's goes back to the 1780's.  I'm feeling SO guilty that I didn't name one of my 3 daughters Nancy!  I've asked Livy if she would take Nancy as a second middle name, and she agreed.  Actually I asked Sunny first, but she wasn't too hot on the idea.  I really think we'll have Livy's name legally changed.  Is that wrong?

So because she is the one who agreed to be the 8th in a long line of Nancy's, here is my Livy Rose Nancy!  She says her hair is really cute in this photo!  I couldn't agree more!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If Martha Made Vietnamese- Cà phê sữa đá or Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Is it warming up enough for those of you in the arctic turndra to think about an iced coffee drink?  It's getting warm here.  It's suppose to hit the mid 80s next week, and we drink these year 'round anyway.  

Papa is a coffee drinker.  I am not.  I have no personal agenda against coffee or caffeine in general, I just never acquired an addiction to the stuff, unlike my not-so-sweet, pre-coffee, growly Papa bear in the morning.  In fact, Papa bear considers himself a coffee conesour, if only, I think to make up for my lack of enthusiasm about the stuff.  

So I introduce cà phê sữa đá, or translated it means "iced coffee with milk" for all the coffee lovers!  Here's to amping you up!

This drink is pretty much like a dessert.  It is rich and sweet and kinda like melted coffee ice cream.  But I'll give you fair warning.  Do NOT drink this before bed unless supplementing with Ambien.  It's amped up.

Remember that French-Vietnamese fusion?  This coffee is a great example!  Rich French coffee, espresso really, with sweetened condensed milk (no substitutes please) and picture a steamy hot SaiGon day that's 95 degrees with 95% humidity and needing a cool refreshment.  So pour it all over ice out of necessity and voila.. cà phê sữa đá!
And because I am not a coffee drinker, let's start with my obsession for pretty cans.  I've told y'all before that sometimes in the Asian market I just get a tad overwhelmed and don't know what to buy.  So as a default, I just go with the prettiest can.  It's lame.  But it works for me.  I'm ok with being lame on occasion, especially if it means I end up with pretty cans.  
So pour a couple tablespoons of this yummy creamy suculant nectar in the bottom of your glass.  No substitutes.  Yes, it's gonna make your thighs jiggly.  But it has to be this way.  
Let's talk coffee too.  It has to be a coarse grain or it will fall through the holes in the filter.  The French and thus the Veitnamese prefer coffee with chicory in it.  It draws out the flavors of the coffee, or so Papa explained to me.  This is the brand I found at the Asian market.  If you can't find one with chicory, it's ok.  Just use French or Espresso roast.  Something dark and rich.  

Then we move to the French (or Vietnamese) coffee press.  It's cheap ($2-5), but you're not gonna find it at your local grocery.  Pretty easy to find online, like here.  I'm gonna use it to make our coffee, cause Papa is a coffee conesour and has no less that 396 coffee type makers.  But let's say your lazy like me.  Just whip up a couple shots of espresso, or even some really dark coffee.  It'll substitute just fine.

The press comes apart into 3 pieces.  
Take off the little lid, and the coffee goes in, a couple tablespoons, and then the press screws in on top to press it all down tight.  If you like your coffee dark, like the sharpie I found all over my dining room walls this morning, screw it down tight.  But if you like your coffee lighter, like the full 1" of grey hair that's now showing at my hair line, then screw it down more loosly.  
Now set it on top of your glass and fill it up with hot water.  Put the lid back on.  It's going to SLOWLY drip into your glass.
Here's the part I'm NO good at!  I warned you.  It is slowly going to drip.  

Wait some more...

Keep waiting...  
Throw in a load of laundry and keep waiting.

Scrub off the aforementioned marker on the wall while waiting.
Wish that "Rubenesque" women would come back in fashion to go with my jiggle thighs, but keep waiting till all the water runs through the filter.

This is NOT a fast process.  Depending on how tightly the press is screwed on, it could take up 15-20 minutes. 
When all the water has dripped through, remove the filter by using those little black handles on the filter 'cause it'll be hot, and place it on the overturned lid to catch any drips.  See, isn't this little device ingenious!

Stir to dissolve the condensed milk.  
And pour over a glass of ice.  
Mmmmmmmmmm   Thigh-jiggly goodness!
PS-Even though I'm not an avid coffe drinker, I still really enjoy this drink.  Especially on a hot day.  But because this rich drink is a bit too rich for me, I do cut it with some milk.  

(Sharon-I think this counts as vegetarian, right?)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy 8 field trip part 3- in which we find ourselves in a canyon

OK, I'm just gonna cut to the chase...
My very favorite image of the field trip...
How is she so stinkin' photogenic?!  The big dark eyes?  The illusion of permanent eyeliner?  The oh-so-cute skirt?  (PS- I'm still sewing up a storm when there's a moment to spare.)  That impish little smirk?  The boots?  Don't boots just make everyone more photogenic?  Help me... I'm melting!

So on the last leg of our Crazy 8 field trip we went to Oak Creek Canyon, just north of Sedona.  In college, Papa and I drove up and down this canyon every weekend we could.  We'd blare the The Eagles and sing at the top of our lungs.
Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy.
She'll beat you if you're able.
You know the queen of hearts 
is your best bet.
Back when songs had lyrics we could relate too!   Lyrics about gambling and card games and a monarchy.  OK, maybe relating to the lyrics isn't the end-all-be-all.  But they were still the best of days.

Anywho, life comes full circle and the Crazy 8 kiddos come to the canyon in an loaded SUV.  Singing Lady Gaga this time, who I think, by the way,  is too lazy to actually write lyrics.
Want your bad romance
"I want your ugly".  What in the world does that mean?  Ok, I'm just to old to figure it out.  Or care.

So there we were, unloading the SUV, into the quiet peaceful tranquility of Oak creek Canyon.  Tess screeching that we forgot blankie in the car.  Boo hollering at the top of his lungs...  "I gotta go pee."  Somehow the tranquil peacefulness of the canyon seemed different 2 decades later.

A little hiking trail.  Just what we needs to get the wiggles out.
See that part above that says, "trails continues.. requires wading and swimming through pools and boulder hopping."  We're all hoping to come back in the summer and try this.  Sounds like fun!

So there is this awesome bridge that crosses Beaver Creek...  Notice the dichotomy of a little snow on the bridge but Jujube wearing shorts.   That's what desert rats do... dress inappropriately.   we don't know any better.
And you meander along the trail a bit.  Can't go too fast with the babes.  And sometimes it's so good to hang back with your man a ways and just watch.  No Gameboys.  No TV.  No telephone ringing.    Aren't they divine?  All together.  Oh Lord, please never let these small moments go under appreciated.

And then there is this wonderful ruin of an old house nestled right on the edge of the canyon.
This is the remains of an old barn or hen house.
Look closely on the right of the picture, and you'll see the kiddos. They're scrambling up to the entrance of what I think was a cellar built right into the side of the canyon.  That's where I'd put all my potatoes and my canned preserves.
Notice Patch and his new/old camera, from Grandpapa.  It truly runs in the family.  Gotta start him with the basics of film and aperture and ISO and darkroom work.  

And then there's the remains of the homestead.
I have no idea what this round window was, but as a photographer, it made me drool at a distance.  Notice the snow and the tree.  This was the interior of the home.

There were a couple fireplaces too.  Couldn't resist using the timer to get a pic of us all.

We kept wandering down the trail and cut to the very edge of the canyon.  There's very little sun light back there, and suddenly it wasn't spring anymore.  In 30 yards it was instant winter against the canyon wall.
This is right on the edge of the canyon wall.  I just love the water was dripping down the walls.

Boo hollers, Wait for me!

There was the tiniest little bit of eye rolling when we got in the car to start this trip.  The quantity of dissension was positively correlated to the age of the juvenile passenger.  (I knew that college stats class would eventually come in handy!)  But on the way home, one of the bigger kiddos told us that she really had fun, and we needed to do little field trips like this more often.  The others quickly chimed in and echoed her sentiments.  It was a great way to spend a day, be all together, and discover God's country.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy 8 field trip part 2- in which God yells

I tell my kiddos frequently that God whispers in their soul.   That if he wants, he can use angels or Moses or even a burning bush to convey his wisdom.  But most of the time God doesn't need to be that dramatic.  Most of the time He just softly whispers.  We need to learn to be quiet, (mostly in our souls but even with our mouths too,) to hear Him speak to us.  And as parents we try to teach our children how to be quiet and listen to His whispers.  It's hard when you're 7 years old to keep your body and your soul still enough to "listen."  Sheesh, it's hard when you're 41!

Occasionally however, God doesn't whisper.  Occasionally God yells.  Occasionally He yells loudly.

May I submit to you Exhibit A-the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona
He yells.
He roars.
He hollers.
He shouts.
He howls.
He tells us to be sure to remember who He is with all we do and remember what He is capable of.  He's yelling lots more too.  But we all hear it differently.

Yes, Lord.  I'm listening.

(Tommorrow, Crazy 8 field trip part 3- in which we find ourselves in a canyon)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy 8 field trip part 1- in which we stumble upon a castle

One of the most wonderful things about my wonderful state of Arizona is its diversity.  Deserts, soaring mountains, high desert plains, pine forests, and they are all within hours of one another.  This state has amazing and diverse geography.  

This weekend we packed the SUV to the brim and went north on I17 for a little family field trip.  We aimed for the red rocks of Sedona.  It's about a 90 minute drive from home.   We made a pit stop at Montezuma Castle National Monument.  It's on the way and a great place to get out and let the kiddos stretch a bit.  This is about 60 miles from Papa's and my hometown and was a frequent destination for field trips and family outings as I grew up.  So it was kinda full-circle to to take the crazy 8 kiddos there.  

So the story goes that there was this ancient Native American culture called the Sinagua.  They lived about 1,000 years ago and this was their home.  It's about 20 rooms and is nestled into the side of this limestone cliff above a creek.  It was part of a larger thriving community.  After about 300 years, the Sinagua "disappeared," and nobody really knows what happened to them.  

Look closely and you'll see more rooms even below the main cliff dwellings, (to the right on the bottom along the cliff striations.)  And also look just above the "castle" at the roof.  You'll notice black soot on the ceiling.  1000 year old soot!  That's pretty cool!
Pretty neat, hu?

Tomorrow, (I hope?  But maybe Wednesday) I hope to get through the rest of the pictures and share the Sedona portion of our excursion.

Sedona Sneak Peek-Gotta love the red rocks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo Gallery--Swing Hair

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Busy Ordinary Day...

I would just love to know what my mama's typical day was like when I was a kiddo myself, eons ago.  I don't write this down to tell you how busy I am.   All mamas are busy!  And truth be told, I love the bustle with a little bit of chaos thrown in.  I write this down for my kiddos to read 20 years from now when they have children of their own and maybe realize that things weren't that different.

Tuesday's are extraordinarily busy days with 2 therapy sessions, piano lessons, and this week both boys had baseball games at the same time.  Papa helps coach one of the teams.  The afternoon therapy session is new for my schedule and really isn't working out very well.  I think I'm gonna have to cancel it.  Although not required, I insist on participating in all therapies, which leaves the rest of the kiddos largely unsupervised during 1 hour of the busiest time of day.  Baseball is the only sport my kiddos participate in, and we know this father-son time is really important.  Even though we do have a sit down breakfast all together each morning, I despise not having a family dinner all together around the table, as we usually do every night.  But Tuesday's are crazy and a big pot of something that everyone can eat when they need, works best on this busy night.  I wish there was time for so much more, like exercise and reading my bible daily.  I've vowed to find time starting in the summer.   (Oh NO!  I put that in print so now I'll have to follow through!)  It's amazing that now that I look back at the list, there is so much I left out like phone calls and neighbors at the door and...

I set the camera out and told Papa and the kiddos to take pics through out the day.  So most of the images are from them.

I really would like to recommend that my bloggie friends try this too.  I'd love to see what your typical day is like!

Here it goes...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5:30am--  Wake up.  Pray.
5:35am--  Shower and get dressed.
6:00am--  Check email and today's schedule.  Occupational therapist has rescheduled session for Thursday.  Make breakfast. Oatmeal, honeydew, juice.
6:15am--  Jujube wakes up, sit in high chair.
6:30am--  Breakfast-- All sit at table with kiddos and hear about everyone's dream last night to include stories about Elvis, a shooting, and Sunny's heart throb.
6:50am--  Start to clean kitchen.  Realize I accidentally put the spices away in refrigerator last night.
6:52am--  Surprised to realize my lower back is killing me which is strange since it hurts me every single morning for the last 3 months at exactly this time of day.
6:53am--  Throw a hot pack in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes for my back.
6:59am--  Brush medium boys teeth- quick once over.  (which my dad would be horified that I do, but without dental insurance I'm ust not willing to risk another cavity)
7:05am--  Get Jujube out of high chair and remove brace & remind Sunny to unload dishwasher before school.

7:13am--  Load the car to get kiddos to school (they picked this odd time, not me) As they walk out the door, stand in door way and check for backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, tied shoes, buttoned shirts, and skirt length.
7:15am--  Run back into house to get hot pack for back while in car, only to realize that I inadvertently put the hot pack in a drawer below the microwave and heated nothing in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes.
7:20am--  Drop off Livy, Patch and Boo off at school.

7:30am--  Drop off Sunny at her high school, and say a little car prayer asking God to please encourage her to actually go to before school math tutoring.
7:40am--  In car try to catch a little news on the radio only to figure out that all 3 of radio stations I normally flip through are ALL playing commercials that indicate I need to be aware of my prostate health.  Notice bottle of Tylenol on standby.
7:55am--  Arrive home and say good morning to Tess.  Papa has gotten her out of bed.
8:00am--  Dry my hair, put earrings on, try to look like a girl, while T&J jump on my bed.  Brush babes' hair.
8:10am--  Feed Tess breakfast only to realize that the dogs got the oatmeal I set aside for her, so she gets Cheerios.  Start cleaning up the kitchen and continue laundry.
8:30am--  Heat hot pack for 3 1/2 minutes in microwave.
8:33am--  Remove heat pack only to find it missing... again.
8:34am--  Heat a different heat pack in microwave.
8:35am--  Spy Jujube removing heat pack from microwave and "hiding" it under sofa cushions with 2 other heat packs, one is still warm.
8:36am--  Put "found" hot pack back in microwave for 3 1/2 minutes, and keep Jujube in my arms.
8:40am--  Sit on couch with heat pack on back and simultaneously do music therapy for Tess and flip on last night's recorded Amazing Race for background noise.
8:45am--  Kiss Papa goodbye.
9:10am--  Start music therapy for Jude --  He only listens for 8 minutes.
9:25am--  Check email.
9:40am--  Tidy babes' room, and throw in another load of laundry.  Realize that planned dinner will never work with busy schedule.  Switch dinner to chicken noodle soup, and take out frozen chicken to thaw.
11:00am-- Try to remember what happened to last 90 minutes.  Dumbfounded.
11:02am--  Feed lunch for babes--Edemame, pasta, frozen grapes, and milk, and finish cleaning kitchen and pick up laundry Jujube pulled off table and dumped on floor,  Make mental note-do not place highchairs closer than Jude's arm's length of clean laundry.
11:41am-- Babes tell me they are done with lunch, by throwing sippy cups of milk on the floor, splattering all over cabinets, floor, fresh laundry...
11:45am--  Brush babes' teeth and lay T&J down for naps.
11:50am--  Still finishing cleaning kitchen, still doing laundry, and use now thawed chicken to start dinner.  Realize Amazing Race is still playing (on TiVo loop) for a second time.
11:56am--  Tess falls asleep right away, but I notice she has taken her shirt off for some reason.  Jujube still singing in his bed.
11:58am--  Text message from Sunny.  Her math test is over, and she thinks she did ok.
12:10pm--  Jujube asleep.

12:15pm--  Lunch with Papa, extra PB&Js he made kiddos for lunch.  Make him an iced Vietnamese coffee.  (Recipe coming!)
12:45pm--  Papa returns to office.  Return to laundry (4th load today) and tiding house.
1:50pm--  Research special needs adoption and fall asleep on couch for power nap.  Amazing Race still playing on the TiVo loop.
2:30pm--  Clean game room for piano lessons.  Kiddos will be home soon!
2:45pm--  Liv and Boo get home from school after walking home from bus stop, but Patch is missing.  Worry that I'll be late to pick up Sunny from school.
2:57pm--  Get in car and drive around to find Patch who is watching hummingbirds in an open field between the bus stop and our house. Drop him off at home and wait for Boo to finish using the bathroom, (He always comes with me to pick up Sunny from school.) before we can go pick up Sunny from school.
3:03pm--  Give up waiting for Boo and ask Livy to watch him (and T&J who are still napping) while I go pick up Sunny from school.
3:14pm--Pick up Sunny from school, 14 minutes late.
3:23pm--  Arrive home with Sunny and find Livy's piano lessons underway and Tess's cognitive therapist waiting.  Sunny starts chore of putting away all laundry I didn't get put away yet.
3:22pm--  Wake Tess from from nap and participate in therapy lesson with Tess.  1 hour session.
3:30pm--  Remind boys to start homework, but without supervision there's little hope they will get much done.
3:45pm--  Look out window see Sunny and Patch burning something.  Ask self if intervention is necessary.  Not sure if I ever answer that question.
3:45pm--  Jujube wakes from nap.
4:00pm--  Ask boys to get uniforms on for baseball games.
4:20pm--  Say good bye to therapist.
4:25pm--  Feed boys and Papa chicken soup before practice.  Babes decide to eat now too.
4:45pm--  Boys and Papa leave for baseball games.
4:50pm--  Sit down with big girls for dinner and notice Boo's discarded socks, shoes and a large pile of sand on the floor.
5:15pm--  Go outside with babes to play and swinging therapy. (20 min. of swinging every day)  Livy joins us outside to play.
6:00pm--  Turn on tunes and shake our groove thing!  Get out the camera to capture the love.  mini-prayer-thank God for such wonderful moments.  (That's sunlight beaming through the front door, capturing the dust particles in the air.)
6:30pm--  Bath time for babes.  Put my and Papa's laundry away while they play in the tub. My closet is by the bathroom.
6:45pm--  Ask Sunny to do Patch's chore and help Livy clean kitchen.  Ignore obvious teen disapproval.
7:00pm--  Bedtime for babes.  Put on Jujube braces and do "spinning" (a type of therapy for sensory issues done once a day)
7:10pm--  Boys come home and Papa finishes putting babes to bed while I collapse on couch.  Patch's team lost 22-3.  Boo's division doesn't keep score.  They won 24-8.
7:10pm--  Patch and Boo eat second dinner-Thankfully soup isn't put away yet.
7:40pm--  Boys get ready for bed.
8:00pm--  Boys do homework.  Quiz both boys on their spelling words, and check websites to see if all their homework is done.  Boo REALLY has trouble tonight doing his homework this late.  It takes far too long.  Papa helps Patch study for a test.
8:50pm--  Boo finishes homework, and Papa tucks him into bed.  Patch continues homework after mama finds a couple missing assignments.
9:10pm--  Papa snoring on couch.
9:15pm--  Insist that Papa go to bed.  He complies.  Check Patch's writing homework.  Missing many parts.  Patch continues homework.
9:20pm--  Patch starts to melt down.  Mama starts to melt down.  Pray.
9:22pm--  Tell Patch he's so awesome for working so hard on this busy day.  And we'll get done, what we can get done for only 30 more minutes.  Get some great ideas for his writing project, and he works very well for last 30 minutes.
10:00pm--  Tell Patch he's done a great job tonight, and it's time to go to bed even if homework isn't complete.  If there's time before school tomorrow, he can do more tomorrow morning.
10:07pm--  Quiet mama time!  All are asleep but me!  Think that I should go to bed.  Flip on "19 kids and Counting," and reflect that 6 kiddos isn't really that many in comparison.  Sit on couch and flip through favorite blogs.  Veg!
10:30pm--  Think I really should go to bed, but this quiet is so nice!
10:45pm--  Go to bed... rather think about going to bed.  Stay on couch still veggin'
11:00pm--  No really, I'm gonna go to bed now!  Turn off tv and close laptop.  Put dogs out.  Make sure rat has food and water.  Turn all the lights off.  Make sure dishwasher is running.  Lock exterior doors.  Make sure garage door is closed.  Check to see that boys have put baseball uniforms in dirty clothes basket.  Make sure teens have put cell phones away in kitchen basket.  Last peek at kiddos sleeping.  After seeing condition of boy's bedroom, try to figure out when they'll find time to clean their room before cleaning day tomorrow and give up trying to figure that out.  Change into jammies.  Wash face and brush teeth.  Think flossing is grossly overrated for adults.  Take cholesterol med.  Hop into bed.  Pray.
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