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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The f word

NO, not THAT f word!


My girlie will not eat fruit.
Not ever.  Not even one time ever.
1 1/2 years of feeding therapy.
We've offered her a variety of fruits up to 3 times a day... for over 2 years...
It goes way beyond being a picky eater.  I believe it's deeply rooted in her control issues.
And I guess we'll never know why.  Maybe a result of the force feeding, or maybe just how God made her.
Never once has she swallowed a piece of raw fruit.
Tess's issues with food have been ongoing since the day we got her.  And pretty much all meals will throw her into a lather.  But when the fruits are near it gets even worse.  Don't even suggest that they stay on the plate.  Tess usually requires that fruits not be close to her in any way.  And she certainly isn't going to eat any.
star fruit
Not whole.
Not cut up.
Not mashed.
Not peeled.
Not in a smoothie.
Not in a jam.
Not crispy ones.
Not soft ones.
Not juicy ones.
Not frozen.
Not in a syrup over ice cream.
Not a tiny little piece in yogurt.
Not in a popcycle.
She gags.
She shivers.
She stares.
She hides.
She cries.
She throws.
She chokes.
She screams.
She jumps.
She does not like them here or there.  She does not like them anywhere!
My girl would not eat any raw fruit.  Not one swallow.  Never, ever, ever.
Dried fruit?  Occasionally depending on her mood.
Sauces, like apple sauce and pear sauce?  On a very rare occasion.  
Fruit leathers?  Sometimes.
Until NOW!
About a week ago, I bribed her with a dry carbalicious cracker to get her to eat 2 tiny pieces of canned peaches.  She shivered and gaged as it went in, but she swallowed it!  For us, it was an ordinary miracle of sorts.  
Then a couple days later... my girl ate some banana... about 6 pieces!!!
And just this morning I was able to persuade her to eat half of a grape.
This is her yesterday at lunch with some banana slices.  Watch the banana disappear!
I know you may think it's not huge, but it is for us.


  1. That is so huge!! A huge accomplishment.
    It's exasperating for a mom when you have a picky eater on your hands. Two of my 6, both bio, are very picky. They hate vegetables, they would rather chop their foot off and eat that rather than eat a vegetable. It makes me crazy!

  2. So huge! So glad for Tess and you. Such a wonderful step. I am glad she will not go her whole life missing out on the goodness that is fruit.

  3. Awesome Tess!!!!!! ( Dare I even ask about the "V" word????)

  4. Really huge! That's awesome! That would be something I'd be calling Daddy at work about and calling the grandparents and letting her tell them herself! Great progress!

  5. You are the best mom...patient, kind and loving...just what she needed.

  6. Congratulations ! Maggie also, will not eat fruit. I've tried it all too.

    Yeah Tess !!! Yeah momma !!!!!


  7. We had such feeding difficulties with our Tongginator, too, so I know what a HUGE milestone this is. Congratulations!!!!

  8. Michelle- The V word? Well, she and vegetable aren't best friends, but she does eat them. In fact she really likes beans. Veggies is ok. It's just the fruits.

  9. Tonggu Mama and Kathy-
    I am SO excited to hear of others with this issue. Cause it really goes SO beyond picky eating. Kathy, really? No fruits either? Maggie just made me happy. I thought perhaps Tess was the only one.

  10. That is huge! Such an accomplishment for such a sweet little girlie!!

  11. In the season of huge miracles, the Lord never ceases to amaze me with His small miracles every day! That sweet girl is surely one of them...

  12. Sweet victory!

    It is definitely the little things is life that make the biggest difference!


  13. I have a 16 year old with feeding issues, so I know the glory in this!! This IS huge!!! YAY!!

  14. You Go Tess!!!
    Heath doesn't like fruit either! He thinks Starburst is fruit. Maybe Tess can come over and show him how it's done!!! :)

  15. That IS huge! Let us know if it continues. Now Linhsey on the other hand has the opposite food issue. She won't stop eating, even if she shivers and shakes as it goes down because she hates it, she just can't let it go. She HAS. TO . EAT. IT. We have to come up with distractions for her because she wants food ALL. DAY. LONG. If we go to a restaurant I have to distract while Mike removes some of the food from her plate because we know she will lick it clean...literally. She can out eat any grown man. She has no control when it comes to food. It's sad. So I'm right there with ya, I'm just on the complete opposite end.

  16. Wow!!!! I am all choked up. What a happy thing!

  17. huge huge huge! so good to read that gentle perserverace does work! Amazing


  18. I just found your blog from Flickr and must say that I've spent the last 2 hours reading about your beautiful family. You have beautiful children (that seem very sweet) and great photography skills too :)

    I'm loving the chocolate-y black and whites in this post, how do you post process those?

  19. WooHoo! YAaayyyyy, Tess!!! Love it! The relief we get when our little ones eat is amazing!


    P.S. Got your button and it's pretty! :)


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