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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joy, apprehension, and fear

Liv figured out that this is the 13th year we've had brunch with Santa.  Way back when Papa and I only had two littles... way back before cell phones and email... way back before the invention of the wheel and fire.
All the aunties and uncles and cousins come too!
First we decorate cookies.
When decorating cookies, more is alwasy better.  More frosting, more candy, more sprinkles.  
 And sampling your work is always good too!
Then we eat brunch.
I love this kid!  He cracks me up!
 Tess, who's teaching you to play with your Jello?
And what's that silly napkin-hat all about?  It totally takes away from your look!
 And then the waiting for the big man in the red suit begins.  It can be tough to wait your turn!
But eventually each has his turn to divulge his wish list!
That look on Livy's face looks like she's up to no good!  I wonder what she's telling him she wants for Christmas?  Just the thought of the possibilities makes me scared!
This child ran into his lap when it was her turn!  And the smiles or her face melted my heart... again!
Some are a little hesitant and apprehensive visiting this odd stranger.
 And some are down right angry!

Merry Christmas, all!


  1. I've always known Patch's eyes are to die for, but he has gorgeous lips too, I am sure he loves his Auntie saying these things about him! I can't get over the pics of the big bros taking care of their youngest siblings-you can see their hearts on their sleeves... What a gift!

  2. S-yes, the big brothers lovin' on and caring for the little ones, melts my heart every time! And both those boys, Patch and PD, are such teddy bears at heart!

  3. Merry Christmas to your crew...I so enjoy your photos...I did finally sign up for a class that starts the middle of January to learn more about my SLR and taking better photos on purpose rather than through trial and error. Your photos inspire me! Have a great New Year too!

  4. so, so cute! Happy Christmas from Ireland!


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