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Monday, December 20, 2010

My girl loves her shoes!

Anyone remember this post re my new favorite photographer?

Well lookie here!
As a mama, I am just DYING about the length of those shorts!  I swear it's the angle she at that make them even shorter.  And they must have gotten shorter in the car as she drove to the shoot!  Actually, those suspenders are pulling them up too.   No matter, I'm still dying!
As a girl, I am pea green with envy over those legs!
As a woman I admire her daring spirit with shoes!
I do stalk many blogs, including several my favorite photographers.  I had been blog-stalking Sandi Bradshaw's photo blog for months without even knowing that she lived here in the metro-Phoenix area.   She had an all-call for high school junior/senior models, and I emailed her saying that Sunny had no experience as a model, but loved to have her picture taken by yours truly.  Sandi said, sure come on down, and these images are the result.  It was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Blog-stalking can really pay off!


  1. Holy COW, she's beautiful! I mean, I already knew that, but now the rest of the world does, too!

    And I know everyone loves the all american Chuck Taylors, I am craving those gingham pumps. Adorable!

  2. Holy Moly!!! Hot Tamale!! Not so sure I want my grandaughter to be of that age already. Am having serious shoe envy!

  3. That's what "no modeling experience" looks like? Whoa!!!


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