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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a little Christmas to start...

Am I the worst mama in the world if I tell you I just didn't want to decorate for Christmas?
The whole process to get it all out simply to put it all away again seems futile.  And the bulk of the work seems to fall on my shoulders.
Does that make me bad?

But the littlest 3 of the Crazy 8 are just beside themselves in anticipation.  Leaving me with quite a conundrum.  To further procrastinate or get 'er done.  So I did what every girl should do when she feels guilty and wrong... I called my mom.  

She agreed with what I already knew.  Get 'er done.  
So I spent most of Friday mentally preparing my crew.  Announcing that Saturday would be our day to together as a family, get it the spirit, and put up some holiday cheer.  And Saturday morning found us in our jammies kicking off the season.

Not all the stuff came out.  Just selective pieces. 

Stockings of course.
And what I think might become a holiday tradition.
My grandmother's tree.  Not that it's her actual tree mind you.  Just a little tree on a table top with all her ornaments.  But if you remember way back, my family got together last Thanksgiving and divvied up her Christmas decorations.  This little tree has the decorations that hung on her tree, some old and some new.
Her star that was on the top of her tree as long as I can remember.
This is her when she was a child and was probably so excited about Christmas herself, just like T&J are now.
I remembering making these "egg" ornaments with her when I was a child.  Simple paper cutouts, trim, and Leggs Pantyhose Eggs.  (Anyone else remember those Leggs Eggs?)
I remember she thought this little skiier was so funny.  She would giggle at just the sight of him.  Now he's missing a ski.
I miss her so so dearly that my heart aches still so deeply 2 years later.
I miss her.

And now I have another part of her with me this Christmas.
Maybe decorating wasn't that bad after all.


  1. Beautiful pictures as usual. We bought our tree and had it in our family room a week before we put anything on it, and we only used a few of our boxes of decorations so I don't think you are a bad mom for not wanting to decorate. If you are, that would make me one.

  2. I miss those Leggs eggs, I also miss strawberry baskets, so many crafts could be made with them both!

  3. Who made your kiddos stockings? I am so jelous, I miss my grama too, sadly they both passed away before I had children, they are the first generation without the handmade blankets, crocheted goodies, or the teachings of how to do all those great things :o(

  4. So sweet--what a neat way to display those ornaments too. I have some from my grandmother but never quite know what to do with them since our tree is rather full already with the kids' ornaments and all. But, I love the idea of a little "remembrance" tree of sorts.

  5. Love this post. Sounds like a lovely morning. You are not a bad mama for having a bit of dread! I feel that way about our outdoor lights - only because a section or two is SURE to burn out and who wants to fix that in negative temps?! Well, it bugs my meticulous husband enough for him to try - but not without a Bah, Humbug or two! :) Anyway, your efforts look lovely - the best outcome is seeing those sweet little smiles!

    Blessings, Nancy!!


  6. Nancy,

    What a great way to remember and honor the memory of your Grandma, My sweet Grandma, whom I'm named after, passed this summer, and I'm going to do what you've done.

    Thanks for the ideas......


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