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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bubbling over

I am SO FLIPPING excited!
(Which is really good because after all the blues, I needed to refocus my energy!)

Jan 1... at least I HOPE I'll get everything ready by then!

It involves some of this...
And some of this...

And Sunny and I going through bolts and bolts of fabric yesterday!
I just adore fabric!  It's crazy I know, but there is nothing better than walking past the bolts and rolls and running your fingers along the fabrics to determine their texture and weight.  Divine I tell you!
(There's a reason Crazy is in the blog title!)

Again, I'm stepping outside my box, and I'm just giddy over it!  Who knows if it will actually work, but in the end, I will have tried.  And MANY a good thing has come from attempting the seemingly impossible!

More clues coming!

1 comment:

  1. Cannot wait to hear more details! Glad you are feeling excited and over the flu.


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