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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas on a budget

(or part II of soccer moms boozing it up on a Tuesday morning)
So what do we do with all these preserves?

Have you heard about the state of the economy in Arizona?  It's bad!  It's REAL bad!  I've heard stories that in other parts of our country there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  But not here.  In fact only if you're living in southern California, or Nevada can we swap sob stories about how bad things are and how far we still have to go.

Did I mention that Papa is in the real-estate business... or rather what's left of a real estate business in AZ?  Papa spends most of his days, trying, sometimes futilely, to keep our small (getting smaller every day) business afloat.  It's been hard.  Near impossible.  So as a family we've cut back every way we can think of.  And one of the ways we've done this is to be a little more creative with our Christmas gift giving.  I must say, I've really enjoyed creating gifts rather than purchasing them!

And since this is a gift from not just me but rather the whole Crazy 8 crew, now is the time to get the whole crew involved!

Liv gets busy cutting the fabric to top the jars.
Sunny cuts the tags.  (Wait, those are Patch's hands.  But I assure you Sunny was there... somewhere.  Amazing how teens can have that natural ability to sneak out right under our noses!)
Patch assembles the jars with tags and fabric.
Boo lends a finger to tie the bows as Livy ties.
Tess looks cute just sitting there.
My hunk-o'-burnin'-love also looks cute just sitting there.
OK, Papa, now you're just being silly!
Well, if you're family, or our piano teacher, or my euchre partner, now you know what your getting for Christmas.  Well, kinda.  If you see something in particular that you'd like, let me know, and I'll see what I can do to make sure you get it!

To be honest, I've always loved receiving hand/homemade creations more than store bought ones anyway.  I hope the recipients of our gifts feel the same way.


  1. I was wondering how much vanilla extract any one family could go through! You are very creative.

  2. I hope I'm family that's getting a jar of that goodness! If we get applesauce *crossing fingers*, know that little F will want to eat the whole jar in one sitting. That stuff is DELICIOUS!

    Gorgeous work, sis!

  3. We're of one mind, you and me. But your a tad more good at it. I did fudge as gifts for everyone this year.......I missed the part where I needed to check the temp with a Candy now instead we have yummy fudge sludge for everyone......*sigh* Tell me it's the thought that counts!


  4. Roberta--I think fudge sludge sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!

  5. If that is PICKLED PIGS FEET in one of them jars, please send it my way!!! JUSTTTTTT KIDDING!! I hate messing w/feet, much less munching on a PIGS!!! Blechhhhh!!

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!!


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