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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You know you've adopted internationally when...

Some of these are my own.
Many are not.  
But they're a hoot!

You know you've adopted Internationally when...
  • your children see toddlers in the doctor's office and "ask if we can get that one."
  • you think nothing of a measly six hour flight with the kids.
  • a root canal sounds like cake.
  • the first image you saw of your child was NOT an ultrasound.
  • you stop and pay attention whenever you hear your child's birth country mentioned on the television or in a public place, even if they're just talking about the weather there.
  • 3 or more members of your family have their very own dossier.
  • you can spell dossier.
  • you roll your eyes and laugh when a friend talks about jet lag after traveling from the east coast to California.
  • waiting nine months seems insanely fast.
  • you've either made a life-book already... or you feel horribly guilty that you haven't yet.
  • you're intimidated and sometimes even scared of letters... especially RAD, USCIS, FAS, CCAA, PAP, CoC, SN, WC, PRC, ODD, and IEP  (there's a brownie point to anyone who can leave a comment and correctly identify all those acronyms!)
  • even if your child isn't affected, you know more than you ever thought possible about cleft-palate, club foot, reactive attachment disorder, failure to thrive, and sensory processing disorder.
  • your toddler has two passports.
  • you've heard the phrase "fake it til you make it" more times than you can count.
  • saved on your computer is a detailed packing list that includes, duct tape, cheerios, zip lock bags, anti-parasitic salves, converters, and many articles of childrens' clothing in various sizes, but no childrens' shoes.
  • you know the correct initials for Immigration Services, and they aren't INS.
  • you're outraged to learn that the cost for your child's visa home is well over a thousand dollars.
  • you know why 147 is significant.
  • you go places you never went before just so your child will be part of the majority, at least some of the time.
  • waiting parents stalk you in Target or Walmart.
  • you know what "Gotcha Day" means.
  • you secretly roll your eyes when friends and neighbors complain about the rising costs of OB care in the United States.
  • you dread the family tree project that's coming at your child's school.
  • the word scabies doesn't even make you flinch.
  • you've spent many wee morning hours surfing the net, living vicariously through other people's family websites detailing their adoption trips.
  • your child's book collection includes the title A Mother for Choco
  • you can pack a blanket, photo album, stuffed animal, Gerber Puffs, 2 teething rings, a rattle, chocolates, and a disposable camera into a gallon-size ziplock bag.   
  • you now understand why interracial jokes are offensive
  • you're not embarrassed to have bloggie-friends anymore. 
  • somewhere in your house, there's a very large 3" binder stuffed to the gills that holds all of the paperwork for your home study, dossier and immigration process.
  • you want to run in the other direction when someone starts talking to you about Madonna or Angelina Jolie.
  • you celebrate New Year's in February.
  • you've purchased (or regret not purchasing) exotic gifts from half-way across the world for your child on their 10th, 16th and 18th birthdays, wedding and baby gifts.
  • you have witnessed the grief and terror of a very small child on one of the happiest days of your life.
November is National Adoption Awareness month, a month set aside to promote awareness for the need for adoptive families.
147,000,000 orphans around the globe.
500,000 children in foster care in the United States.


Would you consider changing the life of just 1 of them?


  1. Love it! I could do the acronyms, but I'm about to have to leave and pick up my China angel from pre-K. :-)

  2. I stalked a mom at Target last week! I used the most carefully worded unintrusive as possible question and she said, "Are you asking if she's from China? Yes, and I'd love to tell you all about it. I love to share my story!"

  3. Cedar-I've done my fair share of stalking and being stalked! All's good with the right motivation behind it!

  4. Oh sooo happy we are part of that world and made it through the awful initiation rites (LOL) to get truly be a forever member in the club. Glad we met your family as part of the club!

  5. Wonderful blog post! And a beautiful family. We have a daughter adopted from Vietnam in 96... how wonderful you have twins!


  6. Very funny. :) And, I may just come to your house and steal Tess' outfit here for Lydia to wear in a couple years. LOVE it. :)


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