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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teenagers (with UPDATE)

You're d*mn*d if you do and d*mn*d if you don't!
My inherent Irish Catholic vocabulary is seriously testing my resolve to be a good role mode.
I feel like the teacher who you never see in Charlie Brown cartoons.  There I am standing in front of my teens, Whaww waww, whaaa wawwww, wwaaww waaaaaaaaaaaaa.  And my teenagers just look at me like I'm a dolt and quickly return to what they were doing.
Where is that parenting manual?  You know the one, the one they give you in the hospital just before you go home with the baby!  The one with all the answers!
Still winging it.

{I'm hoping those of you who have teens will truly appreciate the roller coaster that parenting a teenager requires you to ride.}
I am so very proud of both my teenage girls.  They have fabulous hearts.  And although they mis-step occasionally, (just like the rest of us) they are willing to own up, listen and learn, then go forward hopefully with a new lesson under their belt.   Often times it is more what you do with the mistake and how you proceed that determines your character.
For the character of my girls-turn-young-women, I am so thankful!


  1. My hospital did give us a parenting manual--What do expect in the First Year! Not so helpful with teens or anything beyond counting their wet diapers. Sorry, no help from me!

  2. The parenting manual does exist, but it comes in the form of the Arbinger seminar. Offered every Saturday, $100 per person.

  3. ORB-
    It's probably the "other" teen implicated here, than the one you guess.

  4. How funny, I just added a little blurb to our blog about getting advice from teen moms, you'll have to read, I am sure you have TONS to offer :o) And,.... I'll take it anything you got, I'll store it and use it as needed, all the help I can get, I'm scared(but don't tell my kids please, they can sense fear :o) The odd thing for me right now is parenting a baby/toddler and then a middle schooler, I have to pull all my resources out daily, you too-it's different when they are all at different stages, REALLY different stages other then just a couple of years, don't ya think?

  5. No need to explain...I have a 17 year old son who knows everything and thinks there's no need for rules. Hang in there...this too shall pass. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Haha, I still cringe on my teenage years, how I knew everything, and my parents were embarrassing and were annoying. Boy, you learn a lot about how little you really knew then. I think when I was about 21 I apologized officially for the years around 13-18. You are a great mother and I am sure those teenagers are going to be WONDERFUL adults :)


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