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Sunday, November 28, 2010

hitting the trail

By the time the turkey had been put away, and the pie finished off, and the company had gone home, my boy was spent.
He was winey, bored, a little too aggressive, and underfoot.
I find my boys use physical activities to help them process emotionally.  (Not to mention the fact that I think I had been continually eating for about 3 days straight and needed a little extra exercise!)  Papa stayed home with the littles, Patch and I donned our hiking shoes, and hit a hiking trail for a couple hours.

The desert in the winter.
We stay on the trail of course.  And we watch out for these which can lean in and get you if you're not careful.
Patch and I talked about all the critters that make their homes amongst all the prickly spiny desert things.  Two examples of bird nests
 This one is a regular high-rise, multi unit, condominium, bird complex!
And when patch and I got to the top, we stopped a bit to look at the views and take some pictures.  He's still eager to practice with that new/old camera Grandpapa gave him.  Then we were practicing with mushrooms, and now we are practicing on cacti.
Use of the camera timer and a big ol' rock to take our picture together.
{Please do not take notice of all that pumpkin, pecan, and apple pie that seems to have instantly adhered itself to my thighs.  Look instead at the smile on that boy, cause it's all about that!}
By the time we were done with our hike, we put in about 3 miles, the sun had set, Patch had some much need one-on-one time, and he was in much kinder gentler spirits.  
Thank you, desert.
Thank you old, camera.
Thank you, God.


  1. looks like the perfect evening. and i'm so jealous of your mountains and cacti and hiking weather!

  2. Positively stunning! No wonder you wanted to get out there and hit the trail... many beautiful pictures to be had :)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenery with us!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Love that precious one-on-one time , just mom and her son. Nothings beter then 'stealing' away with my boys too.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! That hike looked perfect!

  5. This is a sweet post! Time well spent with your young man. Alone time with mom may be a good plan in our home after a busy holiday.
    Arizona is so beautiful. My sister is wanting to move there - and get us to come too! Your pictures make it seem like such a good idea. There is a different kind of beauty from our MN roots, and current ID locale! :) My husband, Joe has been shoveling snow for days!


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