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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Bit of Boo

This gorgeous child came to us weighing 10lbs.
Ok, it was really only 9lb 15 oz, but I dare any of you to contradict a mama that delivered a baby of this size in only 45 minutes with no epidural or pain relief and argue that that 1 once really mattered all that much.  I mean, did you see the size of that head!
My sweet Boo.  8 going on 30.
Probably our easiest child to parent.  He embarrasses easily and is quite modest.
He's generally concerned about his overall appearance and doesn't like to act too silly, especially around girls.
He wasn't too keen on wearing this tie.  He thought it was pretty silly, and not in a cute way.

Did you notice those chickltes growing in?

Now don't get me wrong, he can make Nerf gun out of a carrot and fire it at his baby sister the moment I turn my back.  He can make armpit farts, pull-my-finger jokes, and pull the legs off innocent grasshoppers with all the other boys.
He's just got a tender side that's a bit closer to the surface than most.
I never noticed how long those nails were getting!  I'd better get my clippers out tomorrow.  See how useful a blog can be?

And he's generally one of the most difficult of my kiddos to photograph.  He doesn't like all the attention paid to him.  Makes him a bit uncomfortable.  I understand that part.
The Lord has filled this boy with a spirit that is so gentle and sweet and kind.  He loves to hug and be hugged.  He's the one that will rush to me out of the nowhere of the bustle of my day and wrap his arms around me and give me a squeeze.  Oh God... please never let me forget that feeling, that feeling of those sweet arms squeezing my waist, as that tousle of hair rests under my chin.  I want to be 80 and remember that feeling like it just happened.
And seeing as how I am far from a morning person, it's Boo's job to come to my bed each morning, and wake me with a kiss.  Bliss.  To wake with a sweet kiss on my hand or cheek.  then he rushes off to his morning shower.
And if by some chance I'm already a little awake, I pretend I'm asleep, Boo leans in to give my my little pick and wake up call, and I wrestle him into bed, and snuggle with him for just a bit.  It's all quite hysterical!  Maybe you just have to be there!
For now, he still enjoys holding my hand and being my sweet boy.
For now.


  1. Boo sure sounds like a special boy and he certainly is handsome.

    I have a Boo too!

  2. Your photos made me smile. I love how each photo is a glimpse of so many different personalities.

  3. Jill-Well that's just about the best compliment, that you see so many different parts of his personality in the images! Thank you so so very much!

  4. love your oldest boy was 9lb 15 oz at birth too...and he's still a sweet affectionate boy at the old age of 18! They grow up too fast!

  5. I loved getting a little bit of Boo :)
    What a cutie... and I LOVE that he still wants to hold your hand!

  6. You can just tell through the pictures that he's a sweet soul. I especially love the last picture!

  7. Oh! LOVE your photos. Can you possibly come try to shoot my favorite moving target? Beautiful family you have!

  8. So sweet!!!! Your Boo sounds like a beautiful boy!

  9. Your sweet Boo is a-dorable!

    Love the tie!! :)


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