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Monday, November 1, 2010

Parental Safety Advisory...

Let this serve as a reminder and warning why all book cases should be securely anchored to the wall.
As mentioned before, Miss Tess is the strongest, most agile, and flexible child I have.  (Although I'm sure that Patch will argue with me about that one!)  After drying my hair, I turned off the hair dryer and found her here.
Removed her little velcro toes, took her down, and found her here about 30 seconds later.
No ladders, or stools, or steps, or harness, or safety wires.  Just velcro toes, muscles as hard as a rock, and a determination that nothing is too high, too dangerous or impossible.

She could have cared less about the Sesame Street I turned on for her to watch.

(You also may have noticed, I cut her hair!  About 5" off and I did it all by myself!  I'm bound and determined to grow those bangs out.  We'll see how long I hold out before I just have to trim the bangs!)


  1. Love those shots! We do have our furniture attached to the wall. Did that the day we found Huckleberry asleep on the top shelf of the bookshelf in his room at age 3.

  2. oh. my. gosh. that girl. i think i am in love.

    BTW, my admit-im-a-loony post, I was thinking about you and our conversation the WHOLE time...

    You can't know it till you're thigh deep in it.

    I wouldn't change anything, but thanks for trying to warn me.

  3. Oh my---well, if she's going to act like a monkey, at least she had an adorable hair do and an equally adorable outfit on to make for some cute pictures. You got your hands full with that one! Yikes! :)

  4. Oh dear, thanks for the reminder, been awhile since we've had a toddler around here, it is fast approaching tho! Her hair is DARLING-great job on the cut!!!

  5. We've got some climbers too. Our big bookshelves are attached to the walls, but not long ago we had a near tragedy when the boys tipped a large dresser onto themselves. Fortunately I had procrastinated on putting a box of books away and it caught the dresser and held it off the boys. They were trapped by the drawers, and very scared, but not hurt. We are so very thankful.



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