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Monday, November 15, 2010

My nightmare

What's the Crazy Mama's nightmare, you ask?
Ok, so you didn't actually ask, but it's my blog so humor me!

All together now, What is the Crazy Mama's biggest nightmare?

No, not a hockey mask wearing, chainsaw carrying psycho.
Or missing out on a 2 for 1 sale of Hanes socks.
Or even being attacked by the large number of ferocious dust bunnies that seem to be multiplying alarmingly quickly under the couch!
Oh no, my nightmare turn reality was far worst!
It happened on Friday.
Papa and Patch brought home a dog.
A stray.
No collar.
The boys took the dog door-to-door and none of the neighbors recognized him.
Papa drove around the neighborhood late that evening looking for lost-dog flyers.  None were found.
Now, this in itself, a stray dog, would be a bad dream, but not really a nightmare.  I mean we'd just call our local rescue agency the next morning and turn the dog over.
But hold on... here's where the bad dream turned nightmare got really very horribly frightening.

Not only was this dog really stinkin' cute, it was a nice dog.
Even nicer than our dogs.  A lot nicer.
It didn't bark or jump like a lunatic.
It didn't snatch a cube of butter off the dinner table.
Or nibble on Cole Haan loafers.
It didn't dig hole in freshly planed grass.
It didn't eat dirty diapers or the bottoms out of stinky boy socks.
Now, never-you-mind that none of the aforementioned behaviors happened because this lovely canine was approximately 163 years old... in dog years.  This pooch didn't have the energy (or the hips) to bark or jump or chew or dig even if it wanted to!  With the Crazy 8s buzzing around, he barley had the energy to lift his head up off the floor and watch it all happen.

Boo made a sign and taped it to our mail box.  
Land's sake alive I just about keeled over with a combination of laughter and pride when my boy showed me his sign!

And then another really scary, truly awful, thing happened!  He slept at the foot of my bed, all night, just like I always dreamed my dog would do!

I really like this dog, and serious considered "trading up" for this sweet creature.  Ya, I know that's wrong!  But the thought did enter my head, and I'm just trying to keep it real in Crazy 8 bloggie land!

You can see why it was such a horrible scenario, right?  We already have 2 dogs!  And 6 kids!  I simply can't have another dog!  And that whole "dog trading" idea wasn't really going over well with the rest of the family!

Honestly, I hardly slept at all that night.  Checking to see if this sweet creature was still sleeping next to my bed.  He was.  Wondering what in the world I was going to about my 3-dog dilemma.

The next morning, I woke, sleep deprived, with no resolution.  Papa drove the boys to the bus stop and called with the most wonderful news!  A flyer was spotted with our little visitor's picture!  His owner came over 10 minutes later and this sweet ancient tail-wagging dog, Pepper, was reunited with his man!

Sweet Pepper had slept next to my bed, and I really felt bonded to this sweet creature.
When he left in his man's car, I seriously started to cry.

Out of relief.


  1. he looks like he would have fit in perfectly. i think about the whole dog trading idea a lot with mine as well.

  2. You sooo sound like my Adrian *sigh* I want a little pooch, and he is adamant the answer is 'no'. "WE're about to have 5 children....we don't need a dog! " *sigh* I actually just went to The Dog Whisperer Seminar with Ceasar Millan.... it was pure awesomeness.....and still no adorable 4 legged addition in sight.....

  3. aww, that was a neat little post. Dog is cute too!

  4. love this. and that he found his family. whew.

  5. I love this tale (tail). He looks like at least part Australian shepherd - We have one and he is our BEST dog. Yes, we have THREE! - and FIVE kids - to me that means 14 all together - cuz that's what it's like! It's more crazy than I can imagine and is definitely my worst nightmare - but I live with it everyday and it doesn't go away Fortunately my big kids really take on most of the responsibility of the dogs. I just get to clean up all the hair and dirt they track in:).


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